Dating multiple males is a grey area in dating. Some men will instantly think the you’re a player. Others could label you some not so pretty names if they assume the you’re sleeping with all of them.

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However, don’t let those people get to you. There is nothing wrong v dating much more than one human at a time. In fact, over there are fairly a couple of great factors that you need to be date multiple men at any kind of given time.

How To date Multiple males Without being Shady

I’ve spent rather a little of time in the date world. There were lengthy periods of gift single. I had a few long ax relationships. When I to be “single” ns was usually talking come at least one guy. Over there were rather a couple of times that i was talking to multiple men at a time. It was fun.

Dating several various men was good when i was younger since it gave me the chance to enjoy brand-new experiences, and to discover out what i was really in search of in a relationship. Along the way, i made sure that i didn’t come off together shady come the guys I was talk to v these tips.

1. Honesty should constantly come first when talking to more than one guy

How to date multiple males without being shady means trusting every other. If the asks if you’re talk to various other men, tell that the truth. Let him understand whether it’s since you’re just playing the field, dating guys to feeling out who you would work-related out ideal with, etc. If that asks if you’re resting with multiple guys, you must be honest about that too. 

I have actually a dominance that i won’t sleep through a male within 3 weeks of sleeping with a different one. I’m pretty honest with men around that too. Honesty allows guys know that naught shady is going on.

2. Practice safe sex as soon as sleeping with more than one person

If you’re dating multiple people, and just so occur to also be resting with an ext than one person, don’t carry out it without utilizing a condom. Friend don’t want to it is in on the Maury present if friend wind up pregnant. 

You additionally don’t desire to be phoning many guys because you don’t recognize who you got Chlamydia from. Ns all about sexual freedom, however it should likewise be fun. No being for sure can certainly take the fun out of points in the long run.

3. I think they space dating multiple people too


Being ethical is always a must, but you should make certain that they feeling the very same way. You don’t desire someone to display up at her Thanksgiving dinner since they think that you are the one because that them when you were only casually date them. The following worse thing is as soon as one of the people you’re date gets foolish you’re dating someone else, or asks the “what space we” question.

This makes it abundantly clear the you were not moral enough, or they didn’t acquire the message.

If she seeing other people, make certain that they room well mindful of the other civilization in your dating life. Once you carry out this, some people will fight the road due to the fact that they execute not desire to share. It is fine. There room plenty of human being that will certainly stay because they space enjoying what they have going on in their very own dating life. This guarantees there will never be a question around what one of two people of friend is come each other too.

9. Don’t act choose his girlfriend if you’re seeing someone various other than him

If she casually dating multiple people, don’t act choose his girlfriend. This leads one of the guys to believe that you have feelings because that him, even when friend don’t. You need to be casual around this or don’t perform it. When you begin to enter girlfriend territory, it seems prefer you were being dishonest around what you really wanted. 

10. Nothing play games with their emotions if she casually seeing multiple people

This is one more one that the best things you have to know around how to date multiple men without gift shady. Understand why you’re doing it. It is in honest and also upfront without being hurtful.

Don’t day multiple men and also tell them all the same thing or try to do them autumn in love with you. Never play with their feelings, either. No one of the is okay. Emotions are not something come be play with.

11. Don’t go overboard and also date too countless people

If you’re wondering just how to date multiple men without gift shady, remember this one. Nothing ever include too many human being to your date life. The can rise your ego that a hundred males want to day you, yet that is method too countless people. Instead, understand what you can handle. Start with two or three.

If it gets to the allude that you’re mixing them up, that looks bad. If you have actually a awful memory, this date style could not be because that you.

12. Nothing lie when they ask girlfriend something

This virtually contradicts not telling the guys about the other guys, however not if girlfriend think about it. Friend don’t want to specifically name people.

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For example, if one guy asks if did you do it slept with anyone else recently, you must be honest around whether friend have. The does not typical that you need to name every man you’ve been on a day with. If girlfriend can’t date multiple guys without being honest, you shouldn’t be doing it.

13. Girlfriend might capture feelings even if you’re going around with two people

Dating casually is an alleged to mean that there are no feelings involved. No issue how hard you try, periodically it happens. 

If you follow every the rules on how to day multiple males without being shady, space not emotionally available, and also are seeing at least two men, you have the right to still fall for among them. Expropriate it. Once it happens, just decide if it is something friend would like to go after or not. 


Is it OK to date multiple males at the very same time?

Yes, but it’s necessary to learn how to day multiple males without gift shady. Be ethical if you’re seeing various other people. Nothing lie if you’re sleeping with someone else, either. Make sure that girlfriend can day multiple men without being shady, using them, or playing games, too. 

How do you day multiple men?

If she wondering just how to day multiple guys without being shady, remember that it every starts through you. Be moral with every one of them. If they pick to date multiple people, don’t obtain jealous. Don’t overbook. Nothing talk around one male with another one. Always practice for sure sex. 

What is the 3 date rule?

The three-date dominance states the you two go without having sex through each other until the third date. ~ above the 3rd date, that is typically acceptable to have actually sex v someone without showing up too loosened to it is in in a connection with. 

How execute you tell if a guy wants a partnership or just a hookup?

When he simply wants a hookup, he won’t care if you date multiple guys. In fact, he won’t bat one eye when you cite that you day multiple guys. He also won’t show any kind of interest in her personality. A male that just wants a hookup will only compliment friend on her looks. 

How plenty of dates until you are in a relationship?

Most people know even if it is they desire to exclusively day someone after ~ the 3rd date. This does vary. Some will certainly not understand until the fifth or sixth date, and some will know after the an initial date. Exactly how much communication there is in between dates is a good indicator as to as shortly you will be in a relationship. 

In Conclusion

Have you ever tried to date multiple males without being shady? What are some basic guidelines that you would encourage other women come follow?