one of the most famous modern-day movie choreography order is the Napoleon Dynamite scene. Beside from being a comedic hit, that certain sequence is a testimony to the strength of authenticity.

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The Story of the Napoleon Dynamite Scene

The run sequence of this movie (easily discovered in numerous places ~ above YouTube) is a mini-story in and also of itself. That takes ar at the college presidential dispute at a small midwestern high school, and the candidates are a perky blonde girl called "Summer" ("Vote because that me, it"ll be summer every year long!") and Pedro Sanchez, the finest friend that the location character. Pedro and Napoleon are quintessential high college outcasts, and throughout the movie the is just their loyalty and also support for each other that obtain them with the many cruel taunts and harassment that the "in crowd".

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The Happy hands

in ~ the finish of Summer"s speech, the primary announces a "short skit" by the school"s glee club, "Happy Hands". This is one of the first places whereby the movie bring away a action away native the usual movie sequences - where experienced glossesweb.comrs pat high schoolers and also much much more adeptly than children that age normally do.

Instead, the blue-spandex-clad glossesweb.comrs are an ext realistic - some of them simply going with the motions, law unison choreography simply a small off from every other, every one of them act the measures that have been created for them and also rehearsed come the point that castle no much longer have any meaning. Even at the end, as soon as they do their close up door bow to the polite applause of the college student in the auditorium, that is a half-hearted acknowledgement the a pretty tepid

over there is other both sad and also poignant around that - both the depressingly lackluster initiative put on through the kids and the delight that they want to perform the run at all. Even though your moves may not it is in smooth like Usher"s run moves, and also they are only "good enough" to no stand the end from each other, done through no focus or actual energy, your faces display that they space happy to be performing. This is as lot as some glee clubs ever before get - and also it is an ext than many.

Napoleon to the Rescue

Meanwhile, Pedro is aghast - beside from currently being nervous around the speech; he and also Napoleon had no idea a "skit" to be expected. Indigenous a high-school nerd"s perspective, having to speak in front of the student body is poor enough - yet having to contend with a by the most renowned girls in institution is horrifying! Resigned, Pedro slumps out to the podium, and also delivers a short, mumbled speech, i m sorry ends with the promise, pulled the end of thin air, the "...if you vote for me, every one of your wildest desires will come true".

Meanwhile, Napoleon has actually pulled a tape out of his walkman and given it come the sound man, for this reason that when the skit is announced, he is ready. He stands center stage, no backdrop, jeans and also a "Vote because that Pedro" t-shirt. It"s nearly the specific opposite that the glittery blue spandex that preceded him, but from the begin there is a power to that kind of vulnerability, and the Napoleon Dynamite scene commences.

once the music starts, the doesn"t it seems ~ to have actually much "choreography" to execute - however at the same time, that is together if the music gradually takes over his body, and also he goes indigenous a head-bobbing sway right into full-body stage-crossing moves. Unequal the "Happy Hands" group, Napoleon"s disco-like move are complete of energy, complete extensions and also complete meeting to all of his moves. Rather than gift a "here"s mine for you" type of piece, it is a "here is mine; watch it if girlfriend want" feeling.

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Happily ever before After

that course, the heartfelt authenticity the the wins over the crowd, who offers Napoleon (and by association, Pedro) a stand ovation. The ethical of the story is that having the courage come express your complete self - whether in a decided or in a run - is both the scariest thing and also the most wonderful thing in the world. The popular of the within the movie proves that wide-ranging appeal.

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