I have about a dozen an extremely unique wine bottles. Ns would choose to reduced off the top of them and also use the bottom (base) together water glasses.

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How difficult would this be to perform (assuming I find a local human being who walk glass work).

Is this easy, or more difficult than it seems. Thanks

thank friend for your reply


was additionally found. Seems better; however I recognize nothing around working with glass.

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Bottom line, have the right to someone who works v glass professionally execute this quickly for me (AND SAFELY) , ie cut the height of a wine bottle off, toss it, and only offer me the bottom the a dozen wine bottles so i have the right to use them for water glasses?

That is , with the best tools, ns will be able to safely drink from them there is no worry about tiny piece of glass?

Some one v the appropriate cold working equipment could do it yet it could be tough to get them to perform it. We reduced bottles ~ above a tile saw. Then usage the optimal of the neck of the party for a punty. Placed it all in the kiln pick up the neck melt it in to shape. Choose up the bottle and also heat in the glory, then open it at the bench.. Punch it back in car kiln and also your're done. We've done vodka bottles, red stripe and corona bottles for human being willing to pay for them. I'm sure a wine bottle wouldn't be that tough to do. Her label form is the border on act them favor this though.

My .02 is yes, any type of glass worker or also you could cut and also polish the top. Friend would usage a glass cutter, which is a little stone wheel v diamond bits embedded into that to basically score the top. Then present some heat on that scratched line and if excellent evenly, the optimal pops clean off... This pipeline a sharp broken glass edge... You would then using simply wet sand document grind down the leaf to your likeness. Difficulty with this method, is time involved... I personally would pop the top off, explained above and climate stick the bottle earlier in the glory feet to permit fire melt the edge ago smooth... It's all possible, yet the time and energy affiliated often average it's more expensive 보다 you think... And really it's boring stuff so you'll it is in charged, lol


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