newly at a party, I observed empty wine party that had the base cut off therefore it might be placed over a candle. The made one elegant and interesting centerpiece, and I have actually some very pretty wine bottles the I"d love to transform to candle covers.

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How perform I cleanly and safely cut the base off a glass bottle? I"d choose a reliable an approach so i don"t risk damaging the bottles (I don"t have many of them).


There are definitely several techniques to be discovered online yet most of them have the right to have mixed results whereby you edges are concerned. This have the right to be done fairly well through a scoring jig, regular glass cutter and water. Relying on how often you are going to it is in doing this will affect the tools and also jig.


Cutting glass, so that it division predictably, have the right to be excellent well v a glass cutter, or comparable tool, and the appropriate pressure.

The jig

You need to be able to move the bottle around and also apply constant pressure with the cutting tool. Again, friend will discover oodles of choices for this jigs yet a straightforward one entails some wood and also casters.


The framework needs a base through a device rest and a back where the bottle bottom will certainly rest. In ~ least 4 casters will help the bottle turn while friend score the external (I additionally saw two placed rolling pins because that this). The jig picture above has actually a dedicated adjustable cutter. This is beneficial but no required. Making use of the side of the jig together a tool remainder you have the right to rotate the bottle v one hand while using the other to set the cut pressure.

Commercial products

There are several commercial assets that have the right to do this also if you are more comfortable.


In usage it would look like this.


I have glass cutting experience however have never ever used a product like that. Videos that them supplied look really promising despite if you room willing to invest the money.


Assuming you have actually a good score line then it is simply a issue of encouraging the glass come break. This is surprisingly simple with some boiling water and also cold madness water. Girlfriend basically need to rapidly adjust the temperature of the glass near the score. Girlfriend don"t need excessive temperature for this though.

This likely needs to be recurring a couple of times. Pour over boiling water slowly and also rotate the party while pouring. After around 10 seconds of this you deserve to take the party to the cold water from the tap.

The adjust in temperature need to put sufficient stress ~ above the bottle and also it should fall apart.

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If girlfriend score heat was great there is minimal clean increase required and also some irradiate sanding would provide you a smooth surface.