Since open up hair salons room in limited supply (and due to the fact that not everyone can/wants come go, also if they space open!), I thought a refresh of this post might be helpful. Bang-trimming tips consisted of at the finish of the post!


I mentioned on facebook the various other day the I’d cut Sonia’s hair, and several of you reminded me that i never have actually posted about how I do that.

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I am no expert hairstylist, to it is in sure, yet this method works because that me.

All ns use room some hair clips and also a pair that Tweezerman shears the are much less than $30 (at the moment of this writing).

I know it’s tempting to use cheaper shears, yet one pair will pay for itself in a hot minute, and also they’re so much less complicated to use than junky shears.


I start with a wet head the hair, because that provides things means simpler for me, specifically if the boy in question has wavy hair.

And I part the hair down the middle, also if a side component is the end goal.

(If I cut it with a side part, then we have to be really an accurate about wherein we component the hair after the haircut, or there will be weird lengthy pieces hanging down on one side.)


Next, ns clip increase the top half of the hair, all the way around.


You don’t have to be supervisor neat through this. You’re simply trying to obtain some of the hair the end of the method because it’s much simpler to cut thinner class of hair.

Decide exactly how much hair you want to reduced off, seize a ar of hair, and also using your fingers together a guide, snip off the preferred amount.

Now you’ll have a ar of short hair, and you deserve to use that as your guide as you work roughly the head.


Once you’ve do it every the way around, you might want to check and make sure you didn’t start erring ~ above the longer or much shorter side as you do your method ’round. If you did, you have the right to correct her mistake now, prior to you cut the remainder of the hair.

If all is well, climate let under the top layer.


Now you can use the bottom class of hair as a guide for cutting the optimal layer.

And when you’ve operated your method around again, you need to be done!


You may see some hairs that you missed later on, however the lovely thing around DIY haircuts is that you’ve gained the tools to fix any kind of mistakes girlfriend see.

A pair of arbitrarily tips:

When my children were little, to store them still, I collection up shop in the life room in prior of cartoons. One more option is to gradually feed castle some type of food that is a treat.Thicker hair is more tough to reduced than thin hair. If you’re taking care of a thick head that hair, you might need to divide the hair right into three or four layers. Or you have the right to do prefer me and also eventually decide it’s precious it to salary $15 double a year to have actually someone else reduced the thick hair!You get far better at this through practice, for this reason don’t give up if girlfriend make some mistakes the an initial go-round.Gently wavy hair is quite forgiving due to the fact that uneven ends aren’t very obvious. So, if you’ve acquired a choice, shot out your skills on a wavy-haired kid rather of a kid with perfectly straight hair.Don’t forget the hair gets much shorter when that dries, especially if it’s at every wavy. Err on the lengthy side, since after all, girlfriend can constantly cut more off, however you can’t add length!I usage my hair scissors to trim my bangs, which means I can seriously stretch my time between haircuts. If you’ve obtained bangs that require trimming, a pair that scissors is entirely worth buying.

Let me know if you’ve got much more questions. And if you happen to it is in the kind who’s an excellent at cut hair, feel cost-free to add helpful tips in the comments.


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some of you asked for bang-trimming tips. A few:

-Err ~ above the side of caution v length-Use the initial line of your bang reduced as her guide-Be mindful not to catch your non-bang hair in the scissors. Pin it back carefully prior to you start!-For a slightly layered look, organize the scissors vertically together you cut, quite than horizontally. Make little snips v the scissors spicy up until the hair is the size you desire.