I choose to usage carrot garnish with so many dishes since the carrot is so vibrant and also can stay in ice water in the refrigerator for a couple of hours without any problem. I look at beautiful carrot carving draft on the Internet and also amazed so many talented people! However, ns am personally no so patient for carving and also be moral not talented to make sculptures. So mine garnishes simple, if I can do it, you deserve to do it too. Some of the garnishes forced tools and also when it feasible I indicate a handmade alternative garnish device to do (easy).

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1. Exactly how To make Carrot flower From Carrot Slices


these flowers room made the end of carrot slices. Therefore cute garnish for salads, vegetables platters, and many various other dishes. Most vital the carrot flowers stay in shape well as decor since have a base. We deserve to use this method to do flowers indigenous radish too. In the photo, ns garnished a oriental salad, dubbed “Morcovcha” in Russia. To do these flower we need a soak in salted water carrots to make carrot functional or favor I marinaded an extremely thin slices that carrot v salad ingredients. Of course, if your carrot slices are flexible sufficient to do a flower, skip this step.

Tip. Room temperature carrot less delicate to make garnish 보다 carrot straight from the refrigerator.

On the photo above carrot salad. Review the recipe ⇒ Russian korean Carrot Salad Morkovcha


Slice carrot into 4 slices. 3 super thin and also one little thicker.

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2. Do crosscut in the center on the more thickness carrot slice. The thicker slice is the base because that our flower.