Learn how to reduced glass party in fifty percent the easy means with this tutorial! This technique will provide you nice, clean cut so girlfriend don’t waste her time (and bottles) with techniques that don’t work.

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Have you watched all those cool upcycled wine bottle projects on the internet? Torches, lanterns, wind chimes, candle covers, glasses – the perform goes on and on.

How about those Pins speak you have the right to just soak some string in acetone, wrap it approximately the bottle, irradiate it up and, voila! reduced bottle?

Ever heard the speak “If it seems too an excellent to it is in true…”? Yeah… That technique doesn’t exactly work!

Today I’m sharing exactly how to cut glass bottles the best method so that you can obtain nice, clean cuts and save yourself the trial and also error ns went through.

I started trying to cut glass bottles several years ago.I quickly learned the the string/yarn method doesn’t really work. Perhaps someone the end there has gotten it come work, but it never, ever before worked for me.

Next i tried the glass cutter + butane torch method. This brought a sort of success, however I might tell the torch to be stressing the end the glass and I finished up cracking a lot of the bottles throughout the cut process.

I don’t recognize what sort of success price I to be looking at, exactly, however it was negative enough I quit taking labels turn off the bottles before attempting to reduced them. Then i tried the dipping in boil water and iced water baths…again, numerous stress on the glass and plenty of broken bottles.

Then ns came throughout the best way to reduced glass bottles with the highest rate the success.

Using your glass cutter through a rig to host it in place, some nearly boil water, and also water right from her tap, you can easily achieve wonderful cuts. Awesome! simply read on to learn exactly how to discover these tips for cutting glass bottles!


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What perform you require to cut a glass bottle?

A glass cutter through a rig for cutting bottle.Both models work, and also I’m sure other glass cutter rigs work, too.A big bowl to hold ice water (optional). I’ve found you can generally use cold insanity water, however you can likewise use an ice cream bath.

The best means to cut a glass bottle

1.Make sure your bottle is clean. Any type of dirt or grit ~ above the bottle will mess through the cutter.

2. Usage your glass cutter to make a light, even score every the means around the bottle.

Apply firm, even pressure every the method around, butdon’t press down too hard. You could want to push down ~ above the cutter, yet this really isn’t necessary.

Make certain you only reduced exactly once around – repeat passes are not advantageous can do it an ext likely the bottle will certainly crack rather of cut!Your glass cutter have to have much more detailed accuse on the operation.


3. Carry your pot or kettle of water to a boil and also then remove it native the heat. Girlfriend don’t want to to water boiling water on the party or it may crack unevenly, or even shatter! girlfriend can also pull the water prior to it’s fairly boiling rather of letting it sit to cool down.

4. Placed on youreye security (seriously, please don’t skip this part!) and carefully pour a slow, secure stream of warm water onto your score mark while transforming the bottle.

If your pot is too unwieldy, closely dip a Pyrex measure up cup into the water to dip some out and use that, instead. Keep putting water, gradually rotating the bottle,this until you an alert the bottle ending up being warm in your hand.

5. Immediatelyrun the bottleunder ‘cold’ water from the faucet. This water doesn’t must be in reality cold – ice cream water deserve to shock the glass too badly. Simply use the regular, no heated insanity on her faucet.

You should notice the score note is easier to see, thicker, and also probably rather white. Friend may even start to hear a crackling noise!

6. Repeat the hot water/cold water process another 2 or three times, or until the party cracks open along the line. If it hasn’t be separate after 3 tries or so, walk ahead and also bring the end the ice water bath.

The bottle shown below is fresh cut and also not yet sanded. Isn’t that edge nice?

7. Be really careful when you manage the freshly-cut bottle pieces! lock are very sharp and can cut you badly.

To dull the edges, sand them very closely in a shallow food filled v water or under to run water. The home Pro Shop kit comes through a full sized sheet of wet sanding paper, and you have the right to buy much more as necessary at many hardware stores.

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Sanding under water is extremely important due to the fact that it traps the glass particles – friend don’t desire to breathe them in!

Here space a pair additional instances to show the effectiveness of this method.

Below is a snapshot of cut bottle, after significant sanding, excellent using one of the harsher, ‘usual suspect’ methods with high heat and cold cold:

This photograph is the other finish of the exact same bottle, displayed without any sanding, reduced using the method this indict demonstrates:

I think the results speak for themselves!

If you’re hope to do glass party crafts come sell, you can end increase needing come buy some empty alcohol bottles for uniformity’s sake. Luckily, they’re pretty basic to find in a variety of colors from home-brew suppliers!