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Common symptoms of Metastatic CancerWhen cancer spreads to the: The symptoms it can reason include:
LungsDyspnea (shortness of breath), cough, sneeze up blood, chest pain
LiverPain, weight loss, jaundice (yellowing that skin), abdominal swelling and also fluid (ascites)
BonesPain, in details severe ago pain plus numbness in a foot or lose of bowel or bladder control; fractures (especially as soon as there hasn't to be an injury)
BrainHeadaches, dizziness, nausea, troubles with speech or vision, trouble walking, confusion, seizures

Stage 4 cancer also can cause more general symptoms, such as excessive fatigue and lack the energy. Some people come to be so tired and also weak they have actually trouble doing typical things and also may even need help with jobs such as getting dressed.

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Cancer diagnosed as stage 4 will have actually spread to an organ or a part of the body that's far from the original tumor. Because that this to happen:

Cancer cell break far from the tumor and also find their means into the bloodstream or, less often, the lymph system.Cells are brought in the blood or lymph fluid to another component of the body, where they connect to the organization there.Once they're attached, the cells thrive while in ~ the very same time fighting off the immune system.

This procedure explains what can cause a particular type of cancer to infect a particular component of the body. Due to the fact that the cells will certainly be flowing in addition to the blood or lymph fluid, castle are likely to soil in whichever organ is next along the route.

Stage 4 cancer, the most progressed stage that cancer, is diagnosed once cancer metastasizes (spreads) to a distant component of the body. It occurs when cancer cell break far from the orginal tumor and also travel throughout the human body via the bloodstream or lymph system. The lungs room a usual site that metastasis since blood always filters with the lungs.


Oncologists, doctors who specialization in cancer, can use countless of the very same tests and also procedure come diagnose stage 4 cancer as they carry out to diagnose previously stages:

Biopsy: A small amount of tissue is removed and examined under a microscopic lense for indications of abnormal cells. Tissue samples have the right to come from anywhere on the body, such together the skin, bone marrow, or breast.Lab tests: numerous tests that involve examining blood, other body fluids, and biopsied tissues deserve to be done to diagnose cancer.Endoscopy: A procedure in which a pipe or wire through a little camera fastened is offered to look at at interior organs, take it pictures, and assist with taking a biopsy sample.


Stage 4 cancer is the most progressed stage the cancer based upon what is recognized as the TNM system. Each of the letter refer to certain aspects that a particular cancer:

An M score the 1 instantly classifies cancer as stage 4, but the T and also N classifications additionally factor into the in its entirety prognosis.

Some stage 4 cancers have sub-stages. For example, stage 4 prostate cancer may be labeled as phase 4A, an interpretation it has spread to regional (also dubbed regional) lymph nodes; and stage 4B, in which spread out is an ext distant and could include metastases in the skeletal or farther-flung lymph nodes.


Stage 4 cancer typically can't it is in cured. Because it will have actually spread transparent the body, that is unlikely it can be fully remove it and so the goal of therapy is to expand survival and improve top quality of life. The procedures an oncologist will certainly take will count on the kind of cancer, whereby it has spread, and also other factors, including:

Surgery: Surgery commonly is not supplied to treat stage 4 cancer. However, if the metastases are little and there aren't countless of them, removed them together with the major tumor might relieve symptoms, aid prevent the cancer from spreading further, and also prolong life.

Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC): This is procedure sometimes used after surgical treatment for phase 4 cancer that has actually spread to the lining that the abdomen. It entails using a cook chemotherapy equipment to bathe the lining. HIPEC has been found to rise disease-free survival and also extend life through as much as 60%.

Immunotherapy: This treatment involves medications that use antibodies or the patient’s very own immune mechanism to assault tumor cells. There are immunotherapies because that many types of cancer, consisting of bladder, breast, brain, cervical, colon and rectum, esophagus, head and also neck, kidney, liver, lung, ovaries, pancreas, prostate, skin, stomach, uterus, and blood (leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma).

Palliative treatment

The score of palliative care for stage 4 cancer is to improve quality of life. It is detailed by a team the doctors, nurses, and social workers who specialize in working with seriously okay patients.

It is no hospice or end-of-life care. Rather, palliative care treatments space designed relax pain, ease stress, and help a human with advanced cancer feel as comfortable as possible.

Although stage 4 cancer can't it is in cured, it isn't have to terminal—which argues the finish of life is near. Often people with stage 4 cancer live plenty of years after gift diagnosed, i m sorry is why it's more accurate to explain it together "advanced" or "late-stage."


In many cases, the prognosis—how the an illness is likely to progress—for stage 4 cancer depends on the kind of cancer. Some progressed cancers are an ext aggressive or have actually fewer treatment alternatives than others, for example, and so are not most likely to have a positive prognosis.

Five-Year Survival prices for distant (Stage 4) CancerCancer TypeRelative 5-YearSurvival Rate
Breast (female)28.1%
Lung and also bronchus5.8% 
Colon and also rectal 14.2%
Melanoma (skin)27.3%
Non-Hodgkin lymphoma*63.3% 
Kidney and renal pelvis13.0% 
Uterine (endometrial)17.3% 
* Lymphoma and also leukemia space staged differently from various other cancers. The Non-Hodgkin lymphoma number is the stage 4 survival, if the leukemia number refers to the five-year survival rate at any stage.

Other determinants that influence the prognosis for phase 4 cancer encompass age, in its entirety health, smoking cigarettes history, and also performance condition (PS). PS is just how well a person is able come perform everyday tasks. It's based upon a group system indigenous the Eastern participating Oncology team (ECOG) that provides a scale of 0 come 5.

Some stage 4 cancers (like breast cancer) can get in remission. Remission is as soon as the signs and also symptoms of cancer have actually gone far to the suggest where physicians declare the patient efficiently treated.

Once you"re diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, friend will always have stage 4 cancer. However,

that doesn’t median you"ll constantly be sick or the the cancer will kill you. The doesn"t occur often, however stage 4 cancer can enter remission, which way the signs and symptoms of the disease disappear come the point the cancer is regarded as having actually been successfully treated. Doctors often label phase 4 remission together "no evidence of disease," or NED.


Stage 4 cancer, sometimes called progressed cancer or late-stage cancer, is cancer that has actually metastasized (spread) come a part of the body because that from the initial tumor. This occurs as soon as cancer cells break away from the initial tumor and enter the bloodstream or lymphatic system.

Symptoms of phase 4 cancer mostly depend on i m sorry organs are affected, back many world with phase 4 cancer have general symptoms such as too much fatigue. The prognosis for stage 4 cancer, which frequently is express in terms of survival rate, typically is not good, but varies widely amongst different varieties of cancer. The goal of treatment is not to cure phase 4 cancer, but to try to store it from progressing, lull symptoms, boost quality the life, and also extend survival.

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A Word from Verywell

Survival rates for some cancers are low, they space ever-improving, and also doctors and researchers are continually discovering and also testing brand-new targeted drugs and immunotherapies. They may be far various in the near future 보다 they are today.