Crashing weddings has end up being a sport through some guys. If girlfriend havenÍt heard the ax or checked out the movie, Wedding Crashers, the phrase method attending the wedding agree of a complete stranger there is no an invitation. Crashing weddings is reasonably easy; all you have to do is acquire out of your sweat pants and put ~ above a sports jacket, take a couple of friends, and cruise the ballrooms that swanky hotels or famous wedding venues top top a Saturday night in search of wedding crasher heaven _ an open up bar, countless buffet and also a bevy the bridesmaids and also female guest without dates. You donÍt also have to lug a wedding gift; but, the course, it would certainly be thoughtful if friend did! Technically the is no illegal come crash a wedding; however, if the is on exclusive property, you would certainly be trespassing and also may be asked to leave if discovered. And, do a nuisance of you yourself anywhere can be taken into consideration disorderly conduct. Check out our rules listed below on crashing weddings, and, if girlfriend dare, shot it out. But, yes, really weÍre just having actually some fun here.


Never leaving a other crasher behind.Never usage your actual name.Never confess.Blend in by standing out.If anyone asks, youÍre a remote relative that a dead cousin.If you acquire outed, leave calmly.

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DonÍt run.If anyone asks what you gave as a wedding gift, say it is a huge surprise being delivered when they get back from the honeymoon.Create a buzz word because that an emergency case that your fellow crashers will know.Never overtly flirt through the bride.Always ñbe thereî for the bridesmaids.At the ceremony, sit in the fifth row. ItÍs close enough that youÍll look favor an invited guest.If anyone asks, girlfriend forgot your invite in a sirloin to acquire to the wedding on time.Make sure all the women there recognize youÍve just suffered a damaging breakup.Get choked up throughout the service, youÍll appear sensitive.Always juggle the bride with the groom, execute not speak to them while they are together.Dance v the brideÍs grandmother, but not she mother.Work right into conversation, ñI made a mint in actual estate, but can money really buy happiness?îKeep interactions with parents of the bride come a minimum.Hungry? Tables the furthest from the kitchen always get served first.Stay clean of the wedding planner who might recognize girlfriend from another wedding.If asked, youÍre from out of town.Large weddings are much easier to crash than little weddings.Never sit in the ago row; youÍll show up to be approximately no good.Always allow your other wedding crashers present themselves.Carry one assortment of place cards and also make one for the table, if needed.Know once to abandon ship if the crash starts to fail.And, to repeat, never ever use your real name!
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