One the the biggest obstacles in my Office and also Guest Room Combo Makeover to be modernizing a mirrored wall that screamed “hello, it’s 1980.” OK, obviously that didn’t really shout that, however it might too have!

Of course i thought about removing the mirrored wall altogether. But when ns researched how to execute that, I determined it was too much work and that the wall surface repairs would certainly be also expensive because that what I want to spend at this time.

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The mirror was looking far better already!

Step Three: produce the second Tape Lines

Now here’s wherein things acquire a little much more interesting: developing the an additional tape line on the mirror. First I do the efforts measuring numerous inches down from the height tape line, drawing a straight line across, and also then extending that line v tape. That did not job-related AT ALL! It to be really complicated to obtain anything straight.

So, working one winter panel in ~ a time, ns took the level and placed it straight underneath the piece of ice on the height of the winter frame. I made sure that the peak of the level to be lined up through the bottom of the tape, and also then I attracted a line through the crayon along the bottom leaf of the level. I then spanned that line with the 1/4″ vinyl tape.


I then relocated on to attract a upright line with the crayon in the same method that I attracted the horizontal line. As soon as that line was drawn, I also covered it through the 1/4″ vinyl tape.


I repetitive this procedure for every panel, until each panel had actually an inside border the 1/4″ vinyl tape.


All in, this took me roughly 3 hrs to complete and also under $15. Absolutely precious it – no doubt in my mind.

The perfect Modernized mirror Wall

I mean, ns don’t know about you, yet I actually favor this mirror wall now! ns don’t also think I’ve tricked myself into thinking that looks good. I’m pretty sure it in reality looks GOOD! It’s exceptional what breaking up those panels did because that this thing.

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Plus, through the dark color of the room, having actually this mirror wall helps bounce part light roughly and additionally makes it feel bigger than the is. (It is yes, really tiny!)

Well anyway, let me recognize what you think of mine mirror wall surface in the comments below. And if girlfriend wouldn’t mind pinning this post to Pinterest or sharing it, I’d evaluate it. Remember: girlfriend don’t allow friends live through mirror walls or mirrored closet doors castle don’t like!


That is a brilliant solution. I love those moment of an innovative genius. It’s rewarding to brainstorm and also come up through an idea the you have actually the power to execute. I’m installing big gym mirrors in an effort to increase a room and also to reflect what little windows I need to brighten the space. I’ll be adding a large, level white curtain up height to modulate just how much mirror is showing. I hope I’m not making an expensive mistake yet then it would be a brand-new lesson. Many thanks for your good article. Take it care.