Back in the 70s, there to be a design trend that took the sector by storm and found its means into many modern-day homes.

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That to be the mirrored wall. It to be perfect because that decorating big walls.

The trend went on because that about twenty years all the method into the 90s before people got worn down of it and began exploring new styles.

As you can imagine, the industry was an extremely soon full of world who were trying to find some type of mirrored wall ideas, either the modernize it or to completely remove them.

But over there were additionally some who just kept them, and their mirrored wall surfaces live on today.

Lucky them, together this bold, reflective format is seeing a revival.

In this post, we shall look in ~ both political parties of the story:Mirrored wall ideas for someone who has actually never had one, and also tips on how to occupational with an present mirrored wall surface and make it modern.

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What room mirrored walls?


I think I can speak for most to say the we are accustomed to see wall mirrors that are single piece, not more than a pair of feet wide, conserve for full-length mirrors (usually not an ext than 4 feet tall), and hung on your own.

There are obviously some exceptions such as a gallery wall or in a gym, however that is less commonplace.

Mirrored walls are the complete opposite.

Instead of taking up a little spot, this giants usually take up the entire an are of an empty wall, or at the very least most the it, creating a strong, huge reflection the the entire room.

This was a bold design idea that had actually lots of admirers, and also having one in your home earlier then was taken into consideration super cool.

Design principles for mirrored walls

For those who very own a smaller space, making usage of mirrors is a smart method to do it look larger and much more spacious. Because that a more dramatic and direct impact, a mirrored wall can carry out wonders to a little living room and open up up a room there is no needing to spend a fortune.

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At the very same time, the large mirrors bring in a flood of light, illuminating one otherwise dull room instantly.

But exactly how do you create a mirrored wall surface without overdoing it? You certainly don’t desire your place to turn right into a mirror maze, therefore stick about to acquire some inspiration!