This turkey season, take the time to clean and also cook wild turkey legs and also thighs. It’s not difficult, it doesn’t take it a many time, and the price is a pile of very delicious dark meat.

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I love eat wild turkeys, however I confess the for plenty of years i discarded the legs and thighs since of all the tendons and bones. The leg and thigh meat to be tough, too, at the very least it was as soon as I cooked that in the exact same manner together the chest meat.

Well, i have learned in the last decade that wild turkey leg and thigh meat is delicious. Does it take it a little an ext work to prepare? Yes. Is it worth the extra effort? Yes.

You have the right to search YouTube for “how to cook wild turkey legs” and also then spend hours watching videos. To conserve you a little bit of time, I discovered a an easy recipe for cleaning and cooking wild turkey legs and also thighs. The 9-minute video is by Jonathan “Catman” Boehme the Catman out (below).


Jonathan Boehme (aka Catman) has actually a YouTube channel dubbed Catman Outdoors. Together of feather 2021, he has actually 61k subscribers and practically 375 videos on every little thing from hunting and also fishing, come foraging and also do-it-yourself projects.

Below, Catman shows you exactly how to clean the legs and thighs the a wild turkey, then defines how to turn them into tasty pulled-turkey BBQ because that sandwiches. Pay close fist to exactly how the meat literally drops away native the bone ~ the meat is cook properly.

P.S.: Another means to cook wild turkey legs and also thighs is to conveniently braise them first, then finish food preparation the meat gradually with one more method. Click here because that an thorough explanation that braising, also as an outstanding recipe for Wild Turkey foot Poutine from Josh Dahlke. (Fast-forward to the 7:15 note of Dahlke’s 29-minute video clip for advice on braising.)

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