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Juicy, tender salmon fillets perfectly seared and also cooked to perfection. The best part: no white stuff! This salmon recipe is the only recipe you’ll need for any kind of salmon (frozen OR fresh). Should I even add that you only need butter, water, salt and also pepper?

Okay, you recognize the deal. If you"re right here it method you"ve had THIS situation way too numerous times to count: you obtained the many beautiful filet of salmon, you invested the time to cook it and also you take it the end of the oven or pan and... That IS extended IN WHITE STUFF. It"s spilling the end of what feels prefer every great of the salmon and also it"s choose WHAT IS IT?! let me tell you, I had that so numerous times and I went out on one adventure to discover out: how to chef salmon there is no the white stuff. It"s at sight easy, i promise, and it"ll adjust your life!

The result: cook salmon is juicy, tender and no white stuff! This is the just salmon recipe you’ll ever need!

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So what even is that white stuff…

It oozes out of salmon once it cooks and also makes us feel weird. What is it?

Well to be short: albumin and also it"s a protein that happens as soon as you chef the salmon. It"s edible and also totally fine. To it is in long: it"s albumin, a protein that is originally liquid in the fish that turns semi-solid as it cooks and comes out together this oozing white stuff that is entirely fine to eat yet freakish. It"s a reaction that the salmon makes since it"s being shocked by the heat.

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What kind of Salmon should I Use?

There space over 6 species of salmon in the unified States, making it hard to pick from in ~ the store! If possible, try to to buy wild Alaskan salmon.

Pacific Salmons

King Salmon - greatest in fat and also usually known for an virtually melting texture. King or Chinook Salmon is frequently the greatest salmon filets and is great for serving a big crowd.Sockeye Salmon - really flavorful and also one the the leanest cuts of salmon. Sockeye salmon is typically really thin looking and also has a shining red color.Coho Salmon - medium fat content and has a more subtle flavor. Coho salmon is not as known as other types of salmon but is ideal for cooking whole.Steelhead Salmon - often really affordable and also can be quite cheap. Steelhead salmon frequently tastes less like salmon and much more like rainbow trout. It looks the many like Atlantic salmon.

Atlantic Salmons

Atlantic Salmon - (aka farmed salmon) mild and also affordable. Wild Atlantic Salmon is no longer obtainable commercially, so Atlantic salmon is rather controversial.

Salmon services & Nutritional Facts

Salmon is a good fish to cook with! the is not just a an excellent source that protein and lower in calories, however it is well-off in Omega-3 fat acids, high in Vitamin B and also a great source of potassium!


Making salmon perfectly only requires a few ingredients:

Salmon FiletsCold WaterButterSalt + Pepper

How can I cook It therefore There’s No White Stuff

To be ethical when i finally uncovered the equipment to a salmon without the white ingredient or albumin, i was shocked... It"s actually super easy!

The best way to alleviate this is through first, brining the salmon in a quite cold bath of braided water. Now, normally a brine is super salty but due to the fact that it"s seafood i tone it down a little bit.

Once salmon filets are done in the brine, remove and pat dry. Season well through salt and pepper on non-skin side.

The following step is food preparation in a cold pan v no oil and bringing it approximately temperature.

Once the salmon filets are about ⅓ of the way cooked.

You"ll upper and lower reversal the filet and also remove the skin if you"d prefer.

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Then include butter to finish the cook until salmon get 120ºF interior temperature!

That"s literally the .. Ns know!

How to Brine Salmon

Brining salmon not just helps remove the albumin that is released when food preparation salmon, but it also adds good flavor. Think of it as a salt bath!

A traditional brine recipe is v ratios - mix 1 cup that salt every every gallon the water; or ¼ cup that salt per 4 cups of water. You deserve to use this proportion to brine chicken, meat or seafood. You’ll want to stir until the salt is completely dissolved in the cup and then add the salmon.