We could controversy forever around grilled matches griddled burgers—and, when we’re in ~ it, around charcoal matches gas grills. Yet let’s to speak you don’t have a grill. Or, i don’t know, that it’s below-freezing outside. Exactly how do you do a good burger there is no leaving her kitchen?

On this week’s Dear check Kitchen, test Kitchen manager Josh Cohen answers just that, putting three cooking methods come the test—griddled in a cast-iron pan, “grilled” in a grill pan, and broiled.

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The an excellent news is: all of these produced pretty dang tasty burgers. (To watch which one reigned supreme, check out the video clip above.) yet there were some tips and tricks that used to every method.

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In other words: even if it is you desire to griddle or broil is your call. Just don’t forget to follow this rules for indoor success.

1. Nothing skimp ~ above the fat.

Ground beef is classified according to the fat content. This is important in all ground beef recipes—from meatloaf to meatballs—but especially so when it concerns burgers, which space usually nothing an ext than, well, floor beef. Josh’s go-to: 20 percent fat. Sounds choose a lot, yet if you’re do burgers—make ’em right! This fat content yields a juicy, flavorful result, when leaner choices flirt with blandness and dryness (not what we want).

2. Season right before cooking.

After you type the hamburger patty, season the heck out that it v kosher salt and freshly ground pepper—but don’t season it before then. Mix the ground beef through salt (like you would through meatloaf or meatballs) affects the texture of the meat, making that tougher (J. Kenji Lopez-Alt goes into the science of this over at major Eats). Through seasoning the outside before you cook, you get a super-flavorful, super-tender patty.



3. Get the pan (or broiler) crazy hot.

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those so good about grilling burgers? The smoky char you get from a blazing-hot grill. So by fully heating her pan or broiler, you’re dealing with your burger come the intense heat it deserves. That’s what creates the crustiest crust, i beg your pardon is together much about textural comparison as the is around big-time smell (thank you, Maillard reaction). Because that bonus points, you can heat your pan under the broiler before adding the burger come the pan.

What are your indoor burger tips and also tricks? Tell united state in the comments!

Emma is the food editor at glossesweb.com. Before this, she worked a most odd jobs, all at the very same time. Think: stir-frying noodles top top the fly, baking dozens that pastries at 3 a.m., and writing about the background of pie in phibìc Carolina. Currently she lives in new Jersey through her husband and their cat, Butter. Remain tuned every Tuesday for Emma"s award-winning column, huge Little Recipes (also the cookbook in October 2021!). And see what she"s as much as on Instagram at
Pan of choice. Cast iron despite you can gain the same tasty results from a quality stainless steel chef"s pan. The pan simply needs to it is in heavy enough to host that high heat well versus having life meat used to it, and to permit the browned meat to relax itself indigenous the pan surface before you flip it.Smoke. Well, while the actors iron skillet heats up, cracked a home window and get the vent going. Uneven yours isn"t vented exterior in which situation forget the vent completely.Seasoning. Don"t skimp top top the salt, and don"t use anything v sugar or herbs in it as those will certainly only conveniently burn sending up lots an ext smoke.80/20 every the means as you desire this much fat to keep a juicy burger (if you desire it juicy). The longer the burger"s in the pan, the much more fat will render out. I cook no an ext than three 1/4 pound patties at a time and clear the calculation grease indigenous the pan prior to cooking much more patties.Clean up. The depths the pan, the less spatter approximately it, yet I"ve additionally used towels come cover the manage panel and countertop close to the pan to help with this.
Cast iron is my selection after out grill. I perform like to use a spatter shield, it looks like someone reduced a circle out of a screen door. I have actually a an excellent vent to address the exhilaration butbthe spatter the grease provides for nasty clean up on my gas stove.