I have actually seen some write-ups in the previous talking about cooking a steak the is frozen however I always dismissed it and also never really thought it would certainly work. Cook’s shown has excellent it and also Nathan Myrhvold indigenous Modernist Cuisine indicate freezing a steak before cooking to avoid overcooking. I had some frozen steaks sitting in the freezer and also because i didn’t setup ahead and also take part out come thaw ns figured now would it is in as good a time as any kind of to check this out.

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Here is the straightforward theory behind this cooking method: Sear the frozen steaks for around ~2 minutes per side and then chef them in a relatively low stove until they with the proper temperature. Several of the concept behind this is due to the fact that the steaks are frozen the searing procedure will have very tiny effect on anything other than the outside of the meat so friend will stop the grey band you get approximately most seared steaks. Because very tiny of the steak will finish up over 140 levels (the temperature wherein the steaks really start to squeeze out moisture) lock will likewise be juicier. The outside of the steaks need to reach ~300 levels for a good sear to happen so with the frozen steak friend can achieve that without the rest of the steak getting above 140 degrees. That is the concept anyway. How does the play out??? read on…

I began with part 10 oz height Sirloins from Snake river Farms. These are some fantastic quality steaks to begin with so the helps the finished product. I generally wouldn’t frozen a steak i bought at the grocery store or the butcher shop but since these steaks space flash frozen making use of a much much better process 보다 you can attain with a home freezer there isn’t much deterioration in the high quality of the meat.

About 1 3/4 inch thick peak Sirloin completely frozen

I to be curious top top if the salt would certainly stick to the exterior of the steaks or just roll off however it stuck simply fine. Stands to factor though due to the fact that salt lowers the freezing allude of water so ns guess the salt melts the external moisture enough to stick. Be sure to salt your steaks, especially thick ones, much more than girlfriend think you require to.

Now that is time come sear the steaks. This is wherein the flavor happens. I will talk about this more in a future short article but above 300 degrees some wonder transformations take place with proteins and sugars wherein they create some very complicated and differed flavor compound that space delicious. When you are searing a frozen steak you desire to make certain the steak is as level as feasible so friend can gain maximum contact with the oil in the pan. If you have some contempt crooked steaks you will have to use a bit more oil.

I put around 3/4 cup of vegetable oil in my 10 inch actors iron skillet and let it get hot, just below where it starts smoking. Since the steaks space frozen I wanted to use more oil than v a regular sear because the frozen steaks would cool down the pan and also oil an ext than a thawed steak. I probably might have gotten away v 1/2 cup but you want the steak to it is in right about 1/8-1/4 customs deep assuming her steaks room pretty flat.

Frozen steaks searing in oil

These steaks will splatter rather a bit an ext than a s steak so be careful. You can try to pat them dried but because they are frozen the won’t perform much. Just be ready for part splattering oil and take extra treatment to make certain it doesn’t capture fire.

I seared these for around 100 secs per side which is around what I do with a s steak. Pretty amazing they sear at around the very same rate. Right here is what they looked choose after they were seared:

Seared steaks all set for the oven

I uncovered it weird the the steak ~ above the left seared for this reason much better than the one ~ above the right. They to be very similar size-wise and also were both had great contact v the oil. Can have to be a hot spot ~ above the stove. Anyway, they obtained a nice solid sear overall. Currently it is in come a 275 level oven. Cook’s illustrated said your steaks took about 20 minutes to cook to 125 degrees in the oven but these finished up taking around 45 minutes to cook all the method through. Maybe their steaks to be a little bit thinner.

Anyway, as soon as my thermometer check out 120 levels I traction the steaks out and let them rest for about 5 minutes. In that time the inner temperature increased to 125 levels which is best were I favor my steaks. Letting lock rest allows the temperature ~ above the exterior of the steak redistribute to the interior thus raising the interior temperature a few degrees. A remainder also allows the meat yarn to relax a bit and reabsorb some of the juices therefore they don’t run anywhere your plate.

Here is what castle looked like when they came out that the oven:

Ready to remainder for 5 minutes

A couple things here… 1. They to be pretty wet top top the outside which I assumed was interesting 2. The exterior took top top a wonderful color. So far so an excellent on the figure of the steaks. Yet a beautiful feather steak ~ above the external can be pretty horrible inside so with baited breathe I reduced into the steaks to see how the middle was and also here is what i saw:

Hard to get more even cooking than this

The first thing ns noticed was there was virtually no grey band approximately the exterior of the meat. It was a great dark pink shade from edge to edge. Having actually the steak frozen to start with really did make a difference in the evenness the the cooking. Additionally I was really happy with how juicy these were. Over the past few weeks ns have had actually quite a couple of top sirloins from snake River farms cooked a variety of ways but these to be the juiciest.

As much as flavor they were excellent. They maybe could have provided a bit much more salt because I to be guessing some of the salt wash away when they struggle the oil yet there to be a great beefy flavor to these.

Final verdict: Yes, you have the right to successfully cook a steak native frozen. Ns would more than likely still like to cook thawed steaks since there are more cooking alternatives but if all I have actually is frozen steaks ns won’t despair that i didn’t pull one out the day prior to to defrost since I understand I can chef a great frozen steak the is as an excellent or far better than many thawed steaks.

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Feel cost-free to re-superstructure this post with any type of doubters the end there who don’t think you deserve to turn the end a great steak food preparation it from frozen. It really does work.