Nothing screams summer favor grilled corn on the cob! Learn exactly how to grill corn perfectly every time, and also find inventive principles for offer it.

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Let’s make grilled corn ~ above the cob! have the right to you sense my excitement? right here in the Midwest, sweet corn season doesn’t arrive till the finish of July. Once it does acquire here, the doesn’t stay long, so appropriate now, I’m liven eating as much corn as I can. I’m tossing it right into salads, simmering it right into soup, and also even topping the onto pizza! however grilled corn on the cob is my absolute favorite component of summer.

It’s crisp and juicy, sweet and also smoky, and also so darn straightforward to make. Below, I’m sharing two simple methods for how to grill corn ~ above the cob, and tasty concepts for seasoning it. Have fun trying out with different sauces, spices, and herbs on your corn, or pole with an excellent old butter, salt, and pepper! when it involves peak-season grilled corn ~ above the cob, you really can’t go wrong.


How come Grill Corn on the Cob

I have two techniques for how to grill corn top top the cob. They productivity slightly various results, but both space delicious. Which one I pick on a offered day depends on just how much time ns have and also what I’m craving. Feel cost-free to pick whichever sounds best to you!

1. In the rice bowl – In this method, the ears of corn steam inside the husk, yielding juicy, soft kernels that are bright yellow and barely charred. I pull the husks that the corn back, leaving lock attached at the base, and also remove the silk. Then, i pull the husks back up and soak the corn in the husks for 10 minutes. (Soaking corn hydrates the husks, preventing them from burn too lot on the grill.) ~ the corn soaks, i pat the dry and grill it in the husks till the corn is tender and also light char marks form. I select this an approach when I’m craving yes, really juicy, sweet grilled corn top top the cob, and also I’m not as concerned about the char.

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2. Directly on the grill – Choose this an approach if you’re all about the char! Here, i shuck the corn, remove the silk and husks, and also cook the cobs straight on the grill. Cooking corn this way means that the kernels won’t be rather as juicy – they’ll lose some of your moisture come the warm grill grates. However, they’ll be nicely charred and full that smoky flavor. This technique is also good if you’re short on time. Through no soaking required, the grilled corn cooks up in minutes.


Grilled Corn offer Suggestions

No matter which method you choose, serve the grilled corn hot, with olive oil or butter and also plenty that salt and also pepper. Because that a zesty twist, try rubbing it in cilantro lime butter (recipe below), and sprinkling it v chopped cilantro and red pepper flakes. That would additionally be great with drizzles of chipotle sauce, cilantro lime dressing, environment-friendly goddess dressing, or vegetable ranch!

I love serving grilled corn top top the cob together a side dish through vegetarian tacos, however of course, it’s also an excellent with standard cookout recipes favor these:

If you have actually leftovers, slice the kernels turn off the cob to do my mexico Street Corn Salad or Grilled Corn Tacos! Enjoy!


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