Grilled BBQ Bacon provides sweet and savory BBQ sauce smothered on peak of thick-cut applewood bacon. While dripping through sauce, it’s put on the grill and also kissed top top both sides with a little of char before being devoured.

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The best grilled barbecue bacon!

It’s sweet, it’s smokey, it’s juicy and also delicious all on its very own or over a piece of juicy chicken, on optimal of a grilled burger, or next to a thick tender steak. Therefore good, you’ll wanna it for breakfast too!


What walk grilled BBQ bacon taste like?

Y’all, this grilled bacon cooking recipes IS the an interpretation of meat candy! 

Its sweet, the crunchy, the salty and also savory, it’s even the size and shape the a freaking candy bar. It’s literally meat candy!

The sweet and tangy barbecue sauce melts right into the bacon slices once the heat of the grill flames touch it, which leaves a difficult sweet external coating. The street in the BBQ sauce practically crystallizes in the heat and also adds a little bit of crunch permit with the char indigenous the grill marks.

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It’s savory and also meaty, however slightly sweet, tender with crisp edges!


What to pair through grilled bacon?

Whenever we are grilling, we discover it the many opportune time to grill up some BBQ bacon to go together with our meal. Grilled pork chops? Sure! Filet mignon? Absolutely! Jalapeño Jack Burgers? Every time! Grilled Salad? Why is this even still a question?

Yes! correctly! yes!


How simple is the to make grilled BBQ Bacon?

It’s ridiculously simple to make! 

Take her bacon slices and brush on her favorite BBQ sauce ~ above both sides. 

Then, if the strips are dripping through sauce, they are placed on the grill and kissed ~ above both sides through a little bit of char indigenous the heat of the grill before cooling and also then devoured. 

So silly simple.

Types of bacon:

Thick reduced bacon. Typically watched behind the butcher counter at the grocery store. This is the kind of bacon the we like to use for this grilled bacon recipe.Turkey Bacon. “Bacon” make from turkey instead of pork.American-Style Bacon. The diluent strips of bacon served at plenty of restaurants throughout breakfast.Low sodium bacon. The same American-style bacon, just with some of the sodium taken out.Canadian bacon. This bacon has actually fewer calories and also less fat than American-style bacon provided above and also tastes much more like ham 보다 other types of bacon.Smoked bacon. The bacon is cured by gift smoked over burning lumber chips, such as hickory, mesquite, or applewood flavors, because that hours.Seasoned Bacon. Peppered bacon is one of the most common seasoned bacon choices out there. Peppered bacon is likewise a an excellent option come smother with barbecue sauce and grill for this recipe!Pancetta. an Italian-style bacon cured with salt, peppercorns, and cloves, and other spices.

Difference between Cured and Uncured Bacon:

The difference in between uncured and cured bacon is the the solution offered in uncured bacon no contain synthetic nitrates, the nitrates in uncured bacon coming from herbal items, choose sea salt or celery juice.


What type of grill to use for BBQ Bacon?

Well i’ve made this BBQ bacon ~ above a charcoal grill as well as gas and also it’s turned out deliciously perfect every time.

These days our family members has upgraded come a bright red Kamado Joe that us absolutely LOVE!

It produces the most tender, moist meat ns have ever had. 

Hands down the ideal grilled foods items on the world come indigenous a Kamado Joe!


What barbecue sauce to usage for grilled bacon?

*We usage this gluten-free barbecue sauce and love it!

BUT… you deserve to use everything barbecue sauce the you love. If you use a spicy BBQ sauce beware that it can seem spicer as soon as the bacon is grilled.

I highly recommend that no matter which barbecue sauce you finish up with that it has actually sweet flavor linked with it.


How to make Grilled Barbecue Bacon:

Heat her grill over tool heat.

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Smother both political parties of the bacon strips in BBQ sauce on a baking paper or a plate.Place the strips top top the grill over also heat, flipping at the very least once therefore to not burn the bacon strips.After bacon is sufficiently cooked, remove indigenous the grill and permit to cool because that 1-2 minute (allows the juices to settle) on a file towel-lined plate or baking sheet. Then devour!

Grilled BBQ Bacon notes:

I recognize y’all space looking at this recipe and also thinkin’…. “dude…is this in reality a recipe? It’s gained 2 ingredients.”

And mine answer is yes, it’s a quite idiot-proof ingredient list. Yet the crucial to getting this recipe appropriate is in the instructions. You need keep the bacon end an also flame and also be top top the lookout because that a an excellent time to upper and lower reversal the strips so that they don;t burn. So pay fist to her grill’s temperature and where the flame is in relation to this meaty strips and also you will have actually yourself a 2-ingredient party in your mouth. She welcome