Tips and tricks you need to understand to cook crispy bacon in a cast iron skillet any type of day that the week.

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I love food preparation with cast iron and have been making use of it pretty specifically in mine kitchen for around 8 years now. Together I preach my actors iron love, I always come throughout folks who have a cast iron skillet yet don’t love that yet. Ns think it’s since they simply haven’t gotten used come it. Perhaps it’s that they haven’t gotten to recognize the distinctive properties of actors iron that make is for this reason great.

That gift said, I’m below to phone call you exactly how to make perfect bacon in the cast iron. V my tips and tricks, her bacon will certainly be flat, perfectly crispy, and also won’t stick to the pan. I hope the it’ll be one an ext reason to obtain out your cast iron skillet and also learn to love it.

Tips for cooking bacon in a actors iron skillet:

The crucial to obtaining flat, crisp bacon is letting the pan and also bacon warmth together.Don’t over crowd the pan; the bacon need to not be touching.By food preparation it at a reduced temperature first, several of the grease will be exit making it less complicated to crisp up the bacon in ~ a greater temperature in the grease. It’s just how “frying bacon” got it’s name. You space literally food preparation the bacon in its very own grease. For this reason delicious.Even if you take the pan turn off the heat, the residual heat from the pan will proceed to chef the bacon. So eliminate the bacon from the pan when it’s done, Don’t simply pull the pan turn off the heat.That hot greasy pan is the perfect place to then fried food a super tasty egg.

How carry out you keep bacon from difficult to the pan?

The trick is to begin with a cold pan. As the pan comes as much as temperature the will progressively release few of the grease, help the bacon not to stick to the pan together it cooks.

Tips as soon as cleaning your actors iron pan after ~ you have cooked bacon:

Use a flat-edged wooded spatula or plastic spatula come release any kind of stuck-on bacon pieces.Use a file towel or 2 to wipe increase the extra grease in the pan if friend aren’t saving it (I generally save some bacon grease and also use it prefer I carry out olive oil once sautéing onions for recipes or food preparation eggs).While you are wiping out the pan, rub the record towel almost everywhere the inside, outside, and handle of the pan and collection it top top the stove to cool.No should use water; just leave the extra little bit of grease to include to her pan’s nonstick layer.

Tips for buying actors iron:

I get lots of actors iron in ~ the thrift store or the antique shop and re-season the myself (It’s not hard! Here’s a full tutorial on just how to execute that). And if you aren’t in the mood come refinish an old pan, friend can always buy new. I favor to get Lodge brand products since they are widely available, and they do their traditional cast iron below in the joined States. This 10.25 customs skillet is only $15. They are super affordable pans that deserve to last a lifetime.



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Lay the bacon in the cold actors iron pan so that the bacon isn’t touching.Place the pan over medium heat.Let the bacon progressively heat and also cook together the pan heats for about 10 minutes. The edges must start to display a little color and there should be a layer of rendered grease on the bottom the the pan before turning it over.Turn the bacon over and also increase the warm to medium-high. Allow the bacon cook until crisp on the side, about 4 minutes.Turn the bacon one an ext time to complete crisping ~ above the the very first side, about 2 minutes.Remove the bacon from the pan as soon as the is together crispy together you choose it. Allow it drain on document towels before eating hot.

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The vital to obtaining flat, crispy bacon is letting the pan and also bacon warm together.Don’t over crowd the pan; the bacon have to not it is in touching.By cooking it at a reduced temperature first, some of the grease will certainly be exit making it easier to fresh up the bacon at a higher temperature in the grease; it’s exactly how “frying bacon” obtained its name. You room literally food preparation the bacon in its very own grease. For this reason delicious.Even if you take the pan off the heat, the residual warmth from the pan will continue to cook the bacon. So remove the bacon indigenous the pan as soon as it’s done; don’t simply pull the pan off the heat.That warm greasy pan is the perfect place to then fry a at sight tasty egg.

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