Simple actions for cooking bacon in a cast-iron skillet, perfectly. Thisrecipe is for all of the bacon lovers! i’ve been cooking bacon because that years in a heavy cast-iron skillet, causing perfectly cooking bacon every time.

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How do you store Bacon From sticking to the Pan?

Always begin with a cold actors iron hefty skillet. When bacon is added to a warm pan v no fat, the bacon caramelizes, which results in a difficult mess. The fat needs to progressively render turn off the bacon, creating a non-stick frying surface.

Did you know that part brands the bacon have actually many included ingredients, including a many sugar? sugar can quickly burn on the actors iron skillet, resulting in a messy residue that have the right to be difficult to clean. So, look for bacon that has actually all-natural ingredients with little to no sugar.

How carry out you Clean cast Iron After cooking Bacon?

If your cast iron skillet is well seasoned, clean it after cooking bacon have to be a an easy process. If there space bits the bacon or charred spots left stuck on the skillet, use a spatula to remove them. As soon as the bits are removed, use a record towel or a designated cast iron cleaning towel to wipe up any kind of remaining grease.

Don’t bother to to wash the skillet as the extra grease adds to the seasoning, developing a non-stick surface. If you wish to use hot water come rinse the skillet off, feel complimentary to execute this yet never use dish soap on actors iron.

Can Bacon Grease be used to Season cast Iron?

Building increase the seasoning on cast iron is just one of the easy methods to care for her skillet. When you fry bacon, you include a slim layer of seasoning that forms an extremely durable surface. Bacon grease is a good way to season actors iron as it is fat and also will aid protect the skillet.

What execute you carry out with Leftover Bacon Grease in cast Iron?

Growing up together a young girl, i remember a usual scene in the farmhouse kitchen, top top the earlier of the stove, was a can for collecting excess bacon fat. It was choose “liquid gold,” and it’s the kitchen an enig that the country cook has recognized for making foods taste more flavorful because that generations.

Bacon grease deserve to be save in tiny jars through a tight-fitting lid or in a bacon grease container because that storage. I keep bacon grease top top the counter for short-lived storage, and also when ready to use, i dip the end the amount the I must use. However, bacon grease will certainly last much longer if stored in the refrigerator.

A tablespoon of bacon grease have the right to be tossed in through farm-fresh environment-friendly beans, offered for frying sweet potatoes, do the many flavorful pan-fried chicken tenders, and of course, it makes the finest over-easy eggs in a cast-iron skillet!

Use a little amount to season other cast iron skillets prior to cooking in them. ~ rinsing the end your cast iron, dried it with a towel, Then add a little amount that bacon grease and also rub it approximately with a devoted cast steel cloth.

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How to store Cooked Bacon

Skillet fried bacon is nice to have on hand to use in recipes or warm up because that a rapid breakfast. As soon as the bacon is cooked, place it in a glass refrigerator warehouse container v a tight-fitting lid. It have the right to be maintained in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

The an enig to Crispy Bacon – Tips and also Tricks

Check the ingredients: walk you know that part bacon has many included ingredients, including a most sugar? sugar can conveniently burn top top the actors iron skillet, resulting in a confusing residue that have the right to be tough to clean. So, look for bacon the is all-natural with couple of added ingredients. Start with cold skillet: No should pre-heat the cast iron skillet. The skillet and bacon will heat up together. As the bacon gradually heats up, the fat starts to release, help the bacon not stick come the skillet. Thinly sliced bacon: If you prefer crispy bacon, pick thinner sliced pieces to fry. Thick cut bacon generally takes much longer to fry and the texture results in a more chewier bacon.

Printable Recipe food preparation Bacon in a actors Iron Skillet

If you try this recipe and love it, would certainly you you re welcome come back and provide it five stars? Here’s the complete printable recipe for you to do this at home!