Transferring VHS-C cassettes have the right to be excellent in 2 ways. The obvious and also most common means is the VHS-C adapter, the various other is connecting the video clip camera. Utilizing both methods, i will display how to move a VHS-C to digital.

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I’d have to say this layout is the 2nd most famous format ns am offered to transform onto DVD. Most well-known being VHS.

I carry out like the simplicity the the cassettes, but they do sometimes have actually issues.


What can Go Wrong?

If girlfriend bought a VHS-C camera earlier in the 80’s then much more than most likely you will have actually a VHS-C adapter to go v it and also you will require such adapter if you desire to acquire through digitizing your house videos.


Something to it is in weary of is come make certain the adapter works.

After such a lengthy time sitting in a dusty box, civilization find the adapters don’t job-related for various reasons.

Some issues could merely be level batteries or worse a leaked battery, which provided over time have the right to rust end the connections.

Other times the cassette might have snapped. I have actually a post here that will walk you through addressing the tape.

I also have a newer write-up explaining what is a VHS-C adapter.

A 2nd issue that happens is the the front plastic cover will not lock into place. If this is the case, it’s usually a latch on the inside resulting in an issue.

Forcing it come close will not fix it.


Another concern that I’ve encountered v VHS-C adapters space the ice rollers failing to attach into place.

As one example, the photo above shows the gold and white rollers secured into their spots. If they space not in location you will have to gently click castle in.

The many reliable VHS-C adapter i have had is a version that is a non engine- model referred to as a Kinyo VC 600.

I will suggest out they execute seem come be rarely though.

The benefit of the hand-operated adapter is no battery leak or dependence on mechanical motor not working. It’s also half the price the the motorized adapters.

I usage the engine- VHS-C adapters and also I find they work incredibly fine if you’re no rough with them.

- not Compatible v 8mm/MiniDV" />
Konig VHS-C Cassette Adapter - no Compatible through 8mm/MiniDV
will certainly NOT fit anything however VHS-C tapes. (Not 8mm, Mini DV, etc.)ONLY VHS-C TAPES.
to buy on Amazon


With the VHS-C adapter open, gently drop the cassette into the top. It have to slip right into place quite easily. If it’s not sliding in smooth downward activity it might be getting recorded via the two spool arms.


With the cassette in location you are currently ready to place the adapter right into the VCR player.


Make sure your VCR is connected to your video clip capture card.

Press beat on the VCR.

Press record on the software and let the video run for the duration.

This write-up explains what record card and software i use.

Also the short article I created What is The Best method To transport VHS come DVD? will offer you concepts on different catch cards and DVD/VCR combo drives.


So what if you don’t have the adapter?

If girlfriend still have actually the video camera you have the right to use it as its very own VCR and also play ago the video. Climate you have the right to plug the cables into your catch card.

Looking ~ above Ebay I’ve noticed people selling working cameras cheaper than the engine- VHS-C adapters.


Set up the camera through its power supply and switch it on.


Select VCR mode then fight EJECT to open the camera cassette door.


Insert the VHS-C tape and also squeeze the door closed. What i have found in the past that to run the VHS-C tape straight from the camera offered no issues what so ever. Compare the to some cassettes no working properly in an adapter and also you have actually a stress totally free option.


Find the output RCA connections and attached the cables. In the over example over there is only video and MONO sound.


The RCA cables space plugged right into the entry of this VCR.

The HDMI output are linked to the catch card.

Press document on the capture card software program then push play ~ above the camera.


Once completed accessibility the file directory that the software saves the file onto her computer.


The average record size the one VHS-C cassette is approx 4.5GB. This will definitely vary relying on the record card and software girlfriend use.

Could you make the records larger? Absolutely. I discover that having actually a document this size enables me to fit two cassettes onto one DVD.


Author: MattMy surname is Matt and also I"m a little of a nerd for software that helps people digitize cherished memories including photos and home videos.
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