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exactly how does the work?
Fill her KODAK Digitizing crate with any brand that tapes, photos, movie reels and audio. In a few weeks, you’ll get your conveniently convert memories ~ above digital, DVD, or the cloud, in addition to your originals. Every KODAK Digitizing Box has a welcome guide with simple step-by-step instructions, barcodes because that tracking every item, and also a prepaid UPS return shipping label.
exactly how long does that take?
Please permit approximately 6 - 8 weeks once we receive your fill KODAK Digitizing Box. Our exclusive tracking an innovation keeps you informed throughout the procedure with regular email updates, and also our knowledgeable customer support team deserve to answer any kind of questions friend have.
What do I gain back?
Digitized, ready-to-relive copies on your an option of thumb Drive, DVD or Digital Download, as well as all your initial media. All analog media is professionally digitized by hand in our state-of-the-art facility.
What deserve to I get digitized?
Mix and also match format varieties from VHS tapes come Super 8 film. We can digitize any type of brand that old analog media!

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Convert Hi8 to Digital

You speak goodbye, and also I speak hello.

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After VHS had solidified its seat upon the home theater throne, the new difficulty was make the tapes smaller, much more compact and mobile. In 1985, the Handycam (Sony’s premier camcorder) made its debut and also dads almost everywhere rejoiced in a lighter, much less bulky video camera to tote roughly to sphere games, school recitals and also every other family-oriented event deemed worthy of recording (aka every one of them).

This technical upgrade of the time paved method for digital audio, i beg your pardon in combination with its sleek size and also convenient portability made Hi8 the brand-new go-to in family video clip entertainment. The name itself was an explanation that what it readily available consumers, the “8” a referral to 8mm video tape and the “hi” standing for high quality. The tapes were around the dimension of a stack of playing cards at fifty percent an customs thick, 2.5 inches vast and simply under 4 inches tall. They to be so compact the they were virtually too small, which is why most world who had Hi8s certainly lost them in the shuffle of miscellaneous moves, feather cleanings and more.

But for those that still have actually a bundle of this cute tiny tapes laying around the house, it’s essential to note that castle won’t host your memory forever. The magnetic Hi8 tapes that the 80s and also 90s room deteriorating and their movie is fading from improper storage, but much more than that, simply old age. Castle dying.

As one of the founding fathers the film, we’ve seen several iterations come and also go over our illustrious 100 plus years in the industry. And while Hi8 to be the new kid top top the video block earlier in the so late 80s, that shelf life was never ever meant to last forever. However it can, and we can help.

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Our Hi8 digitizing transfer organization will convert every memorable minute packed ~ above that small tape right into the digital realm via DVD, ignorance drive or the cloud. Hundreds of tapes as with yours space safely sent to ours studio and transferred top top a day-to-day basis. We make the whole copy procedure as straightforward as possible by sending you a crush-proof, pre-paid shipping box. Girlfriend simply fill up her tapes, send castle in and also kick earlier as ours team that qualified film professionals immortalize your memories ~ above digital formats. We’ll even notify you throughout the procedure so you know specifically what’s walk on through your tapes, every action of the way. When we’re excellent converting, we’ll send back your original tapes in tow v your recently digitized styles so you deserve to relive your an initial little league house run over and also over … and over again.