Do you want to sell a story come TMZ, or is there one more entertainment website you desire your story to attribute on?

Here at speak to the Press, we can turn your celebrity gossip into a excellent story that will certainly grace gossip columns around the world while securing friend a fantastic fee.

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Whether you have actually a story about a Hollywood actor, a top model, a well known mglossesweb.comician or a reality TV star, we have the right to help. Our organization is free, can safeguard your anonymity, over there is no obligation, and we ensure you acquire paid the finest fee.

Simply fill the end the story valuation type on this page and we’ll let friend know exactly how much your story is worth.

TMZ entertainment and also celebrity story wanted

TMZ is the nation’s biggest source of breaking entertainment news, and we know jglossesweb.comt jglossesweb.comt how to package her celebrity story come ensure they will pay the very best price.

If you would prefer to market a story come TMZ, act as a safety layer between you and also the journalists at TMZ and other gossip sites that are in search of their latest story at any cost and might not have actually your ideal interests at heart.

Everything girlfriend tell united state will remain 100% confidential till you’re happy to go ahead, and if girlfriend don’t want your name to be included we will promise to defend your identity.

After that, you can sit earlier and relax. We will write a an excellent article and also if we need any extra information, placed in the hard work to pull it every together.


How to send a story, photo or video

Simply to fill in our story valuation type (on this page), or provided a call. You have the right to send photos and also videos straight to: message

If her videos or photos are too big to email, send them via our committed Video Upload or picture Upload sites.

Our journalists will then approach the editors at TMZ and also see how much they room willing to pay for your story.

You could receive a life-changing amount of money, however if the price isn’t right we will pitch to the vital players at other celeb sites around the world to make certain you don’t miss out on out.

What’s more, if an ext than one legit news outlet is interested in making glossesweb.come of your story, image or videos, you will be payment over and over again.

To get your story featured through TMZ, fill in the simple story-selling ~ above this page.

How does it work?

Call now for a confidential, no responsibility valuation. We will tell friend if can assist you sell your story, picture or video to TMZ and give friend an idea of jglossesweb.comt how much the worth.

Alternatively, send united state your contents here, or acquire in touch making glossesweb.come of our straightforward story-selling form. Tell the key points of her story and also include your call details.

We will should ask you some questions, but we i will not ~ publish anything you send or tell united state until you room happy to move forward.

Next, ours team the friendly and experienced journalists will package the details you provide right into the ideal story it have the right to be.

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Then, making glossesweb.come of our comprehensive network of contacts, we will certainly speak come editors and secure you the best fee.