If you live in the state that Maine, contacting councilor Susan Collins it"s a good way come get involved in the political processes of your community. The senator and also her office can aid you reach out to any type of federal agency, case benefits, or resolve concerns within your community. 

This article will carry out you with whatever you should know about getting in touch v the senator of Maine, and how glossesweb.com can aid you make the procedure fast and also effective.

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Who Is senator Susan Collins?

Senator Susan Margaret Collins was born in Caribou, Maine in 1952. She completed she university degree at St Lawrence University and also was first elected as senator in 1997. 

The senator is now a member that the Republican party, and also her existing senatorial term will end in January the 2027.

Senator Collins contact Information

Address68 Sewall Street, Room 507

Augusta, ME 04330

Official Websitehttps://www.collins.senate.gov/
EmailYou have the right to click right here to fill the end the necessary form for contacting the senator.
Senator phone call number(207) 622-8414
Fax(202) 224-2693
Social Media AccountsTwitter:


Senator Collins likewise has various other offices located throughout the state the Maine. Below is a list of all the cities and towns wherein you can accessibility the Senator’s services, we recommend the you pick whichever ar is most convenient for you:

BangorBiddefordCaribouLewistonPortlandWashington DC

To uncover further details on any type of of these areas you deserve to click the complying with link.

What services Does city council Susan Collins Offer?

Like any other federal government representative, city council Collins has a wide variety of constitutional responsibilities and also duties assigned to her. Anyone resident in the state the Maine has accessibility to she services, below is a perform explaining what she can aid you with: 

Getting assist with a commonwealth agency

The senator’s office can aid you submit an inspection to the federal firm of her choice. If you"re having troubles with a federal agency or feel the your comes to have no been solved, the senator"s office can assist you mediate the issue.

Claiming benefits

If you"re licensed has been granted to government benefits, for example in instances of unemployment, illness or disability, the senator can assist girlfriend to file your claims and also obtain them.

Having the Senator attend an event

Senator Collins schedules events across Maine all throughout the year. This is a way for the councilor to connect with communities across her state and hear their concerns. If you wish for the senator to attend an event of special significance, you can call her through the complying with email address: scheduling

Requesting a meeting through the senator

The opportunity to speak through the representative of your state deserve to be a great way to voice her opinions and also concerns. If you desire to voice any kind of important issues about your city or city in particular, this would additionally be a great time to describe them come Senator Collins and discuss possible solutions.

Why the Hard obtaining In Touch v A Senator

The trouble with phone call calls

Although calling the senators’ office might show up like the fastest solution to answering her questions, it"s essential to know that the phone lines are often busy and representatives can have a restricted time to talk.

This way that obtaining your point across can be stressful and time-consuming. It’s additionally hard to be sure if your message will be offered to the senator with accuracy.

Writing the perfect email could be a challenge

If you want your email to be taken seriously, you need to be sure that the is formal, concise and direct. The email should attend to your key concern and also the food of action that you would favor the senator to aid you with. Meeting every one of these requirements can be intimidating, however the an excellent news is that glossesweb.com can assist you. 

How have the right to glossesweb.com assist You call Senator Collins Faster?

glossesweb.com can help you send a letter to any type of government representative quickly and also effectively - whether it’s a state representative, your Mayor, Senator, or also the president. Just by answering a couple of questions and also providing the details of her case, glossesweb.com can assist write the perfect formal email on your behalf.

Here’s just how it works:

1. Find the indigenous “contact” top top the glossesweb.com search bar and select the contact Your government Representative product.


2. Choose which representative you great to contact: her Senator, Governor, President, Mayor, or home Representative.


3. Briefly define the concerns you desire to get across to them, or every little thing bill you’re concerned about. Give us details about your position and also what activity you wish for them come take.

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4. You done! every you have to do is sit and relax while our bots create the perfect email. They’ll fill the end all the crucial forms on your legislator’s website on your behalf.