Senator Doug Jones represented Alabama in the United says Senate from 2018-2021. He to be a member of the Banking, Housing and Urban affairs Committee; the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee and also the Committee top top Aging. He likewise served ~ above the Homeland protection Committee for one year prior to joining the equipped Services Committee.

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Senator Jones has actually spent his life functioning to do Alabama a better place. Born in Fairfield, Alabama come a U.S. Stole worker and a stay-at-home mom, he prospered up in Alabama during a period of an excellent change and also played a crucial part in help the state and also her civilization overcome several of their darkest days. His early years forged his values and also a feeling of responsibility to law everyone with dignity and also respect.

After graduating indigenous Cumberland college of law at Samford University, he operated as employee counsel come the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee because that Senator Howell Heflin. Following his insignificant in Washington, city council Jones offered as one Assistant United says Attorney native 1980-1984. That left government business in 1984 and was in the private practice of legislation in Birmingham, Alabama, until 1997 as soon as President bill Clinton nominated him to the place of United says Attorney for the north District that Alabama where he served until June 2001. It was while serving together U.S. Attorney that Senator Jones successfully prosecuted two of the four men responsible because that the 1963 bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church—finally bringing full justice and closure virtually 40 year after the assault that killed 4 young girls. Together with taking ~ above the Ku Klux Klan, the indicted residential terrorist Eric Rudolph and also prosecuted various other criminals that sought to usage fear, hatred, and also violence come inhibit the rights of others.

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Senator Jones has carried that lifelong enthusiasm for justice and also commitment to company to his duty in the United states Senate. As Senator, he battled to increase access to affordable health treatment for every American, including broadening Medicaid in Alabama, and also to make sure that every kid in every ZIP code has accessibility to high-quality education. In just three years he had 25 the his bipartisan bills signed right into law, consisting of legislation to finish the military widow’s tax, to assist farmers, to provide permanent funding for HBCUs, to shed light on civil Rights-era cold cases, come expand access to broadband in countryside communities and also to review anti-money laundering laws. In addition to legislation, councilor Jones supplied his office to was standing up and also speak because that social justice and racial and gender equality. In 2019 and also 2020 he initiated led a bipartisan group of Senators in reading Dr. King “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” ~ above the floor the the Senate.

Senator Jones was consistently recognized as one of the Senate’s most bipartisan members. Previous president that the American companies Institute and leading conservative thinker Arthur Brooks said when said of senator Jones “Whether people agree or disagree through him ~ above, he has shown an capability and a willingness to hear to human being on the various other side and also refrain indigenous treating civilization with contempt.”