Dog the Bounty Hunter has been working to confirm a tip around a recent sighting that Brian Laundrie near the Appalachian Trail, it was revealed Sunday.

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Lyssa Chapman, the daughter that Duane “Dog” Chapman, said The article she has remained in contact v Dennis Davis, who cases he spoke through Laundrie top top a deserted road near the border of Tennessee and also North Carolina ~ above Saturday morning.

“I do think Dennis. I am encouraged he’s convinced,” she said.

“We’re doing whatever we deserve to to verify Dennis’ tip but there isn’t lot to walk off various other than the location. However we’re working that reminder for sure.”

Lyssa, 34, said she has been running down close come 3,000 advice that have flooded into the 833-TELLDOG hotline during the previous week. Dog has actually suspected Laundrie was hiding the end on the Appalachian Trail due to the fact that his hunt started a mainly ago.

Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman is investigating Dennis Davis’ tip on Brian Laundrie’s whereabouts, follow to his daughter.William Farrington

Davis’ reminder fits the Chapmans’ file of Laundrie, i beg your pardon is that he is most likely alone in the wilderness.

“I don’t think is in a high technological area because in this day and also age us would have a lot an ext footage the him,” Lyssa said.

“I perform think wherever he is, he is stashed among a community of world who don’t read the news or could be travel solo or v a group that’s help him.”

Laundrie, 23, is wanted on bank fraud charges after his 22-year-old girlfriend, Gabby Petito, was uncovered dead in Wyoming critical month.

Gabby Petito and also Brian Laundrie formerly seen on an Instagram post.Instagram

Dog has also continued to find for Laundrie in Pinellas county on the west-central coastline of Florida on Sunday. The bounty hunter will continue to be there until there is concrete proof to look at elsewhere.

Dog tracked the Laundrie family members to a campground at fort De Soto Park, which was later shown by public documents that showed Laundrie’s mother, Roberta, checked right into “Site 001-Waterfront” between Sept. 6 and also Sept. 8 ~ Petito to be last checked out or heard from.

The Laundrie family’s attorney, Steven Bertolino, shown Brian Laundrie and his family members camped at fort De Soto Park on Sept. 6 and Sept. 7.

Footage exit Sunday proved Dog wading with chest-deep water to find an island off the shore of Florida.

The find has continued throughout the weekend on the islands turn off the west shore of Florida. #justiceforgabby ianlaundrie

— Duane Dog Chapman (

“On the floor right now with Dog is his wife Francie, her child Greg, and he has assembled a team that ex-law enforcement and hunting dogs,” Chapman said.

“They space not odor dogs, they are hunting dogs that can get into areas we can’t gain including little holes.

“A scent dog walk after a scent however a hunting dog go after any type of person.”

Florida engineer Dennis Davis cases he speak to Brian Laundrie top top a deserted road close to the Appalachian trail in phibìc Carolina top top October 2.

While she refuse to name them, Lyssa is particularly interested in the movements of Laundrie’s sisters Cassie Luycx and her husband, James Luycx, both 31.

Protesters have also turned their attention to Cassie’s house in Lakewood Ranch, about 40 mile from the Laundrie family members home in phibìc Port, although the did not appear they were home on Sunday.

Protesting exterior the home of Cassie Laundrie, sister the Brian.Neighbor comes out to phone call protesters the Cassie is no there.How perform the Neighbors understand that?Where is Cassie?Justice because that Gabby Petito!#GabbyPetitoCase #gabriellepetito

— Jonathan Lee riches (

“We have actually been looking right into all family members,” she said.

“I don’t desire to name names, it’s destructive what protesters are doing to the family, and we don’t desire to include to that. But Cassie has actually a husband.

“Every single person who had call with Brian from the moment Gabby passed away to the time disappeared is a human being that should be interviewed, talked to, and also researched.

“The family, in mine opinion, is absolutely withholding information and I think the police know that together well.”

Brian Laundrie’s parents, Christopher and also Roberta, head right into their house in north Port, Florida, top top September 23, 2021. Wilhelm Farrington

Dog’s team is translate in a detailed understanding that the Laundrie household from records leaked to their reminder line, which Lyssa said was an essential to finding the outlaw.


“People are sending financials, car records, addresses, phone numbers,” she said.

“We space tracing down all well-known relatives, whereby they live, friends, family members, who they go to institution with.

“We want to know everything around , what type of cigarettes that smokes and also what shade socks that wears.”

Lyssa is convinced Laundrie is quiet alive, based mostly on the FBI’s comprehensive search that the Carlton Reserve near the Laundries’ North port home.

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“I don’t think they’d be spending this sort of money ~ above a human body recovery,” she said.

“They must have something lock think is definitive, which they are not sharing v the public.”