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your order background will attribute your latest purchases first. Jennifer Still/Business Insider


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If the status says that your package has been delivered, examine in the area roughly your home or apartment for almost everywhere the driver may have actually left the package.You should likewise check with neighbors to view if they may have accepted it on your behalf.

3. Verify the shipping deal with to certain the package was sent out to the right resolve by clicking "Order Details."

4. call the transport that ceded your parcel to check out if it has further information.


with out directly to the organization that delivered your package and initiate a case with them. Jennifer Still/Business Insider

If 48 hours have actually passed and also your package through items purchased from Amazon tho hasn"t arrived, you can call Amazon client servicefor more help.

How to report a lacking package indigenous a third-party seller top top Amazon

If you"ve purchased things from a third-party seller that stops working to arrive, you"ll need to contact the seller very first before you"re may be to send a claim. To do so, you"ll should sign in come the Amazon salary website making use of your Amazon login information. As soon as signed in, you"ll check out a list of transaction details, next to which you"ll find alternatives to "Contact Seller." After girlfriend send her message, friend must provide the seller 24 hours before proceeding v filing a claim.


You"ll need to be logged right into the Amazon Pay website to contact a third-party seller. Jennifer Still/Business Insider

1. authorize in to Amazon Pay and click "Details" alongside the transaction you have a problem with.

2. ~ above this screen, you"ll be asked come report the difficulty you have with your package. In the case of a lacking item, girlfriend should choose "Where"s mine stuff?"

3. Click "Send come merchant" to report the issue.


You deserve to customize your blog post to the seller top top the Amazon pay site. Jennifer Still/Business Insider

How to submit a missing package case to Amazon

If you"re not satisfied the the situation has been fixed after contacting the seller, you can proceed to send a claim. This deserve to be done between 14 and 90 work of purchase via Amazon"s website.

1. sign in to Amazon and go to her Order List.

2. alongside the item the hasn"t to be received, click "View/File Claim."

3. complying with the on-screen instructions, pick the reason for your claim (in this case, that the item hasn"t arrived) as well as providing sustaining documentation and also further information, where appropriate.

4. Submit your claim.

You will be able to see the progress of your insurance claim via your Amazon salary account as soon as signed in. Should your claim be approved, your payment will be refunded to your payment method. However, Amazon may deny your case if it determines that the information in the insurance claim is fraudulent or the seller gives proof that delivery.

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