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Insignia™!Can you administer the model number for your TV? It should start with NS-.How much away is your wireless router? Is the on the very same level together the TV? space other gadgets able to attach to the wifi?Regards,RyanInsignia™ Support

Having the same problem with my brand-new Roku TV. Wi-Fi was functioning fine for around a week. Now I can"t affix to mine Wi-Fi I acquire an error password 0 14.12. All other devices have no problem connecting come Wi-Fi.Tried rebooting router refreshing software program on the TV unplugging and also rebooting everything in sight. Tho can"t connect.

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I didnt watch this thread once I make a new topic yesterday for this reason I"ll repost that in hereSo i bought the TV much less then a year back from best Buy for among the rooms upstairs and also just this previous week it has stopped finding my network or when it does discover won"t connect to it even though it has actually 4 or 5 bars therefore signal ~ no the problem....I even tried relocating the tv to my key room that has actually the modemand the still won"t find any kind of networks.....Also tried come a manufacturing facility restart and also that also didn"t help.Insignia version is NS-32DR42ONA16ThanksJonathan T

You never did send me a private article on a resolution and its to be 6 months. Like said in a vault post. My 50 dissension blu player has actually been the best resolution.
Can you you re welcome send me the exact same information? I"m having actually the exact same problem. Every other devices (two cell phones, two laptops, and a PS3) affix to the Internet yet not mine tv. My version number is NS 55DR420NA16. TV is only around 2 month old.ThanksGBiv
They never ever sent me a solution so. Just by a wifi affix nlu ray choose i did and also stop hoping for help. Like i ended having come do.
I ended up simply emailing them....they did an answer and after ~ some experimentation they basically said it was a problem within the TV. Luckily i hadn"t had it a year yet so ns took it earlier to best buy for an exchange. Ns was going come get an additional one however I guess: v they stopped making the one I gained so I ended up acquiring a samsung clever tv instead
Glad you to be able to acquire a reaponse and was able come get finest buy to honor. Due to the fact that my TV is well over a year. That is no a choice that is availiabe come me. Since ive solvey problem with a 50 disagreement blu ray and did not obtain a response ago for RyanR-INSG. I will not biy an additional Insignia Product and will make certain to tell anyone how bad there product is.

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My Insignians-32E859A11 had been working usually until critical week, as soon as it no longer was maybe to affix to the internet. No net settings have changed, nothing on the TV had changed. All attempts to reconnect with the network have failed (WPS, manual an option of network). Connection appears successful, but no internet allowed apps (netflix, friend tube) deserve to connect, diagnostics say failed. Restarted network, restarted TV, unplugged, etc.Ryan, i"m curious to understand if your exclusive message includes a soltion i can use!Thanks

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