We developed this overview to Vizio Alexa regulates to aid others learn voice control faster and an ext comprehensively.

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It’ll covering a couple of topics:

Compatibility: The Vizio TV models that job-related with voice assistants like Alexa?Set-Up: exactly how to set up voice manage on her Vizio TV for assorted model yearsVoice Commands: The full collection of Vizio Alexa regulates to control your TV

Let’s dive in.

Founded in Irvine, California in 2002, Vizio is a climbing star in the clever TV market and also the only American firm among the significant TV manufacturers.

Let’s first dig right into one of the most typical questions around Vizio TVs:

All 2017-2019 Vizio TVs are compatible v Alexa. 2020 models go one step further and have Alexa built-in

This means that, because that 2017-2019 Vizio TVs, you have actually to connect an Amazon Echo clever speaker (e.g., an Echo Dot, or Echo Show) to your TV in stimulate to use Alexa voice commands.

With 2020 TVs, you have the right to use Alexa voice manage right out-of-the-box, together an Echo speaker is built-in to your TV.

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VIZIO 65 customs 4K clever TV, M-Series Quantum UHD LED HDR television with apple AirPlay and Chromecast integrated

VIZIO 24 inch Smart TV, D-Series tv LED HDTV v Apple AirPlay and also Chromecast built in & 150+ totally free Streaming networks (D24h-G9)
Connectivity technology: HDMI; consisted of components: power Cable, far Control, Stand; Resolution: 720p

Without more ado, right here is the complete list that Alexa voice regulates for Vizio TV, organized right into seven categories based on what you’re controlling:


Note: In order to use these commands, “Power Mode” in your Vizio TV’s settings must be set to “Quick begin Mode”.

Alexa, display me top top Alexa, show me movies on Alexa, present me movies ~ above Alexa, launch ~ above