To affix your TV to her wireless house network, you require a compatible wireless router. Her TV has a developed in Wi-Fi and also you do not need secondary wireless USB adaptor to attach your TV to her wireless residence network.

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1) Make sure that your wireless router is switched on and also the wireless function enabled. Consult her router"s user manual.

2) Switch your TV on.

3) push the button on the remote regulate to access the residence menu.

4) glossesweb.comge the cursor buttons , , and to select and press the switch to confirm.





8) examine whether your router supports Wi-Fi defended Setup (WPS).

A. If you have actually a Wi-Fi protected Setup (WPS) in her router network:

i. Select and also press the button.


ii. On your router, press the button. Return to the TV within 2 minutes, select and press the button.

iv. When the TV is successfully connected to your residence network, press the button and proceed to step 9.

B. If you have actually a non-WPS kind device in your router network:

i. Choose and also press the switch to proceed.

ii. The router gift itself through a details name (SSID). When scanning because that a network you might see number of names, both your router"s and those of neighbouring houses or apartments. In the list, select the router you space sure is yours and press the button.

Note: The displayed network surname varies depending on your router.

iii. If her router has actually Non Wi-Fi safeguarded Setup (WPS), select and press the button.

d. You may need to get in the security password you have set for your router (consult her router"s user manual).

Note: If you are associated to one unsecured network, the installation will skip to step 9.

Check which of the complying with messages you see on the TV as soon as it asks girlfriend to introduce the password:

“This wireless network is secured. Get in the WEP (hex) encryption key.“

Note: You need to get in a 10 or 26 digit password in hexadecimal format. The hexadecimal digits are the number from 0 to 9 and the letter from A come F (capital letters only).

If your password has actually a size of 5 or 13 characters and/or letters other than those noted above, call your Internet organization Provider (ISP) and also ask lock to transform the password the you need to hexadecimal format.

You may also find web page which sell WEP an essential conversion indigenous ASCII style to hexadecimal format however this might not be effective as no all router manufacturers glossesweb.comge the very same conversion algorithm.

“This wireless network is secured. Get in the WPA/WPA2 encryption key.“

Note: for this type of encryption all characters are available. Be recommend the password is case-sensitive.

v. Pick and press the button.

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Note: go into the encryption vital only once and also your TV will conserve the gotten in key.