Connecting your Roku account come Amazon Alexa is nice easy and also takes just a couple minutes. And also you can do it from one app, or the web


You have the right to now connect your Roku maker —be that a Roku TV, or a Roku Player such as a stick or dongle or crate —to Amazon Alexa. That"ll allow you manage your Roku via one Amazon Echo, or any type of other Alexa-enabled device.

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How to connect Roku to Amazon Alexa via the application

Open the Amazon Alexa app on her phone or tablet.Open the sidebar menu. (Look for the 3 lines in the height left, or just slide in native the left-hand side.)Tap ~ above the "Settings" choice at the bottom.Now choose "TV & Video."Tap top top "Roku."Tap ~ above "Enable Skill"Enter your Roku account email and also password.Tap "Sign in."Tap "Accept and also Continue."Choose the Roku maker you desire to manage via Amazon Alexa. (You at this time can only pick one.)Alexa will now detect and also connect to her Roku device.Choose the an equipment again (yes, again), climate tap "Continue."Now pick the Alexa devices (you deserve to choose more than one) you want to usage to control your Roku device.You deserve to now choose to connect another Roku device, if you wish.

The Roku Skill likewise is obtainable for connecting via a net browser. The instructions are the same. Friend can affix your accounts here .

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You"ve obtained lots of options when it involves Roku devices and Amazon Echo speakers. Below are several of our favorites:


TCL 6-Series

at Amazon

Roku TV A good Roku TV in ~ a great price. This 55-inch Roku TV indigenous TCL has a great display and also size given the price. (And that price has tendency to fluctuate however still is affordable also at retail.) If you can swing the —and if it"s on revenue — we"d walk for the 65-inch model. But, again, just if discounted.

TCL"s 6-Series TVs struggle the sweet spot between size, features and price. The 55-inch model is a downright steal —especially once it"s on sale. (And it regularly is.) The 65-inch model deserve to be tougher to justify at retail. Yet if friend can gain it in ~ a good discount it"s also fantastic buy. The 6-Series sporting activities 4K resolution, support for Dolby Vision and also HDR 10, and also it should have enough inputs because that all your devices. Plus it"s acquired Roku built in, for this reason it"s ready for all the streaming services.