A finish detail steps with photos of just how to connect and also setup google house to samsung smart tv, really easy with simple way to described.

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Follow the registration and also account linking guide listed below to get on your way of just how To attach Google home To Samsung clever Tv

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Mehtod 1 the How connect samsung tv to google home


Sign in to her Samsung Account on your Samsung TV and launch the SmartThings app on your mobile.


Reset the TV.


Follow the accuse on the TV and also SmartThings app.

If the TV is not detected automatically, you have the right to use the ‘Add Device’ on the SmartThings app.If you want to check the channel transforming functionality, please set the location and also TV provider correctly during setup.


Check the the TV deserve to be managed by the SmartThings app.

Note: For an ext help on developing an account on her TV, head come our web page called, just how do I produce a Samsung Account on my clever TV?

Now that you have set up SmartThings and sign into your Samsung Account on her TV, let’s get started on setup up Google Home.


Open up the Google Home application on her phone. If you do not have the application on your phone, you can simply search for Google home in the Google play Store and also download the app.

Google residence app


Select the add ‘+ ’ button.

Add device


On the next screen choose ‘Set increase device. ’

Setup device


Press on the text under the location ‘Works with Google. ’

Works v Google


Here girlfriend will see a whole list the accounts. Scroll down until you view SmartThings and also select the or find SmartThings by pressing the search symbol in the optimal right-hand corner.



Once you have actually selected SmartThings , push the ‘sign in through Samsung Account ’ and also use the same Samsung Account i m sorry you used to sign in top top the SmartThings app on her mobile.

Account authorize in because that Google house Account


The TV will certainly be added automatically.

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Method 2 of how To connect samsung tv to google home

ChromecastChromecast UltraBuilt-in Chromecast

Let us an initial know which of the three approaches is suitable for girlfriend to follow by determining if your Smart TV has a built-in Chromecast or not. This is an updated perform of TVs v Chromecast built-in.

Generally, you will certainly just have to set-up (step 1) your Chromecast and link the in the Google Home application from your smartphone. Then, you’ll have the ability to control her Samsung smart TV via Google Home. This is how:

1. Plug in Chromecast/Chromecast Ultra

If you have actually a Chromecast developed in on her Samsung smart TV, then skip this step.

How to attach Chromecast come Google Home

For Chromecast and also Chromecast Ultra, attach one finish of the USB strength cable right into your Chromecast and also the other end should be connected to the socket or power supply.


Then, discover the HDMI harbor of her Samsung clever TV and plug your Chromecast in it.

2. Open Google home app

From your Android device, open up the Google house app. Indigenous the residence page the the app, tap add > set up maker > collection up new devices.


3. Confirm Account and also Permissions

If this is your an initial time utilizing the Google home app, a list of Google account will show up so select to i m sorry account girlfriend would favor to conserve your Chromecast or friend can include a brand-new account if your desired account is not on the list. Then, insanity OK.

Next, a note will appear on your screen to ask permission for location access and services. You have the right to turn top top your location services by going to Settings>More Settings>Applications>Installed>Google Home>Turn on ar services.

Go ago to the Google home app, climate tap yes sir to provide permission for location access.

4. Link the device

Once her account and also location are currently set, Google residence will scan surrounding devices and display castle in a list. Select the machine you want to set-up.


5. Confirm pairing

A code will appear on your Smart TV and also Android device to make sure you room pairing the right device. If you see the code, tap Yes. If not, tap shot Again and also repeat the ahead step.


Another note will show up asking your permission come let Google collection your anonymous details that will assist improve your service. Tap yes to check or No, thanks to decline.

6. Set up her room and WIFI connection

Choose the room and also WIFI wherein you are setup and connecting your device. Then, tap Next.


7. Additional options

Choose whether or no you desire to get future emails regarded your gadgets by tapping sign up or No, thanks. Then, choose the video services friend would choose to include to improve your streaming experience.


Finally, tap Next>Continue>Continue. And, she done!

How To connect nest hello top top Samsung tv

You can currently display your Google Nest Hello on your Samsung TV using Google Home and Chromecast, or a Chromecast-integrated TV.

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Go to Samsung Tv Menu Connect “anytime CEC net” come the Chromecast and resource the tv.