Dish Network vies v DirecTV for satellite television subscribers. If you right now subscribe to food Network you need a satellite receiver come receive and also decode the information the satellite food is receiving. Of course, you should properly attach the food Network satellite recipient to your television before you can start enjoying the programming top top your house TV.

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Plug both her Dish Network satellite receiver and also the television right into an available wall outlet. Perform not, however, strength them on yet. You are an ext likely to obtain an electrical shock if the two gadgets are powered on if you affix them.

Connect the cable running from the satellite dish right into the "In" harbor on the dish Network receiver. The satellite surroundings technician (if the isn"t installed already) is going come ask friend what room(s) you want to watch the programming in. These are the rooms that room going to have actually the cable in it.

Plug a coaxial cable right into the "Out" harbor of the receiver. The coaxial cable transports both the video clip and audio signals in one cable. However, RCA cables provide far better quality image and sound and also the cables room not much much more expensive. This cables (one red, one more white and a third yellow) space plugged into the "Video Out" port in the receiver. Make certain the suitable colors of the cables room plugged into the same colors top top the receiver.

Plug the other finish of the cables right into the television. If you room using a coaxial cable it is plugged right into the "In" port on the tv (the exact same port the antenna would be connected to). If you room using RCA cables girlfriend plug these into the "Video In" port.

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Power on the television and also Dish Network receiver box. If using a coaxial cable change the television set to channel 3 or 4 (depending on what the default settings are). If making use of the RCA cables push the "Video" button on the TV or remote. From here you can start watching the food Network satellite TV programming.

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