I"ve been obtaining into the digital amp video game lately. I"m at this time in love with bias FX. It"s awesome for recording, but now i am looking into using it for everything.I"ve tried plugging mine iPad into our PA for band rehearsals lately, however it to be extremely difficult to gain a loud enough sound without snipping the signal indigenous the iPad. I was thinking of making use of it with a real cab similarly to exactly how bands like periphery use the Axe-Fx with a real cab. You can turn turn off the cab simulation in predisposition FX, for this reason I"m suspect it was intended for cab capability.I plugged the iPad right into my Orange 2x12 closed-back yesterday. It sounded really good, however it to be still really quiet, also with the iPad volume maxed out. What have the right to I use between the iPad and also the cab to rise the iPad"s signal, or what is a much better solution? I"m using an iRig HD right into an iPad mini 2 with a headphone-1/4" cable. I"ve likewise plugged it into my Vox AC-15 combo and turned off amp simulation totally and was able to gain a loud sufficient sound. Obviously, having actually a preamp there increased the sound, yet I don"t desire to simply use the Vox preamp all the time. I desire to have the ability to use all the amp simulators when using just my favorite Orange cab, though. I constantly use the Orange 4x12 center in predisposition FX, anyways.tl;dr What can I usage to boost my iPad"s calculation to use v a cab?

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What you need is a power amp in between the iPad and also the speakers. That"s why the Vox works, however the difficulty there is you have an additional preamp from the Vox adding coloration. Ideally you"d desire a complete range, flat response power amp to plug her iPad into, and then plug that into a guitar cab. If you need much more volume though, it"s possible all you need is a powered monitor come plug into. I have actually a small one that"s relatively inexpensive, I can use the at tape practice and I have no issues. Acquiring it up closer to ear level and also aiming that up help so i don"t need to turn that up together loud. Not being able to get enough volume out of the PA you have actually tells me it"s either no very powerful or there might be other wrong.
thank you for the response. I"m looking into both options, however I lean an ext towards the strength amp because I would choose all my different amp sims with my Orange cab the I"d just simulate in any type of case. Any type of suggestions on what type of power amp come use? Also, through the powered monitor, perform you still use a cab simulator? and also yeah, the PA is pretty old and also shitty. That"s absolutely the issue.

The powered monitor would require cab simulation, yeah. But as far as what strength amp, that"s a bit an individual preference. An initial question would most likely be pipe or hard state, and from there it sort of is every preference. I supplied an old solid state Crown strength amp as soon as upon a time, i just discovered the cheapest one on Craigslist that had actually the volume i needed. Never had actually a problem.I personal don"t view a vast point in making use of a tube power amp with modeling preamps, part think the there is a far-ranging difference. More "warmth" i suppose.
dementiacaptain Yeah, the heavy state would probably be better. I"m relying much more on BIAS and also the cab for tone. I simply need the amp because that a signal boost into the cab. Many thanks for her help!
No problem, post back with results if you can, I have actually recently began using bias FX and I to be curious around how the sounds with a genuine cab.
dementiacaptain deserve to you link me to some good full range, flat solution power amps? I"m searching but mostly detect monitors.
http://m.ebay.com/itm/QSC-RMX850-Power-Amplifier-Gently-Used-/302057243441?nav=SEARCHSomething like this is one example. I"m definitely not a pro audio guy, for this reason I"m not certain what is taken into consideration a an excellent power amp or what one would look for, however just utilizing it for guitar I doubt girlfriend will ever before get nearby to pushing it to its limits.The one point to make sure of is the it has actually some 1/4" outputs therefore you deserve to use it v a consistent guitar cab.
hi guys, I"m using predisposition Fx (Bias fx + Ipad wait 2 + Focusrite Itrack) because that live gigs and at home. I think it has actually amazing capabilities and also became conveniently my key rig however i still have actually some doubts and i"d love various other users opinions. Mine doubt is concerned the possibility to revolve on and off the cab sims / power amp / ton Stack / Pre Amp. I usage to calculation the Itrack to my Amp"s return v the cab sims off. What is no clear is even if it is or not is should likewise disable the poweramp and also the tonestack sections. In a theory, due to the fact that i"m utilizing a real amp"s final section, i"d i think that likewise the Poweramp section in predisposition should be disabled however i find many world using the same rig who only disable the cab sim.... And also i"m not clear through what it"s far better for mine hears!Btw :_ how around the tone stack sections? looking forward to your experiences!
happy this thread is coming back to life. I have actually been utilizing my iPad live for part time now. The first thing i tried was plugging the iPad right into a 3000W hard state amp and also plugging that right into my Orange 2x12 cab. I bypassed the cab simulation on prejudice FX. I uncovered that even with the iPad output and amp volume at max, I could not listen myself much over mine drummer at band practice. I offered up and started making use of my 100W Marshall and also bypassing the amp simulation completely, simply using the impacts in addition to my Line6 DL4. Because that church, I carry out the very same thing with my Vox AC15, yet that gets mic"d. Ns should probably ask who at mine church if they have actually a DI I have the right to just use with the iPad and DL4 (which is really important for my approximately sounds).Anyone else right here on UG to be using similar setups and also have tips?
give thanks to you for her feedback. I have actually a bugera 333 - 212 in the room and also I can gain actually very loud when i run right into my amp"s return! What around bias fx global settings because that such rig? What is an international conpensation plan for? and would you guys disable the cab only or additionally power amp and also / or ton stack sections?
marcosarracino85 it relies on what channel you are using on your Bugera. If that the dirt channel, identifier use bias for results through the results loop because it sounds like trash on peak of the amps distortion. I use mine ~ above the clean channel minus the cab simulation if i use a cab. If you use DI, usage the cab sim.
RustedWithin say thanks to you. I in reality use prejudice fx with the effects loop (into the return, i dont go into the front of the amp) v both the cab and the power amp part disabled. Im no sure exactly how to usage bias" ton stack and power amp sections, despite (e.g.:*Is the strength amp sections intended to it is in on or off?). Any suggestions?
Is anyone using an analog noise suppressor / palliation / killer pedal infront the the Ipad with amp sims app?Ii"m a fellow user of prejudice Fx ~ above Ipad and also i"m make the efforts to number out if an analog pedal could do the job far better then it"s digital counterpart. Ns don"t have a noise palliation pedal in hand that i can shot so i"m hoping who can assist me through this matter... I"m also curious about adding an analog distortion stompbox yet again not having it obtainable i"d to trust others experiences before wasiting some money in analog pedals.
happy this object is coming earlier to life. I have actually been utilizing my iPad live for some time now. The an initial thing ns tried to be plugging the iPad into a 3000W hard state amp and plugging that into my Orange 2x12 cab. Ns bypassed the cab simulation on bias FX. I uncovered that also with the iPad output and also amp volume in ~ max, I could not listen myself much over mine drummer at tape practice. I offered up and also started making use of my 100W Marshall and also bypassing the amp simulation completely, simply using the effects in addition to mine Line6 DL4. For church, I do the very same thing v my Vox AC15, however that it s okay mic"d. Ns should probably ask someone at mine church if they have actually a DI I have the right to just use v the iPad and DL4 (which is very important because that my ambient sounds).Anyone else below on UG to be using comparable setups and also have tips?
I usage ipad because that both practice and also live rig because that church setup. But my setup is quite odd. I have actually left and also right channel, left has amp with fiddlicator cab sim has another set of hold-up and reverb. My right channel has another amp v no cab set with another hold-up and reverb. Both drives and boost are mono. Delays and delay levels are managed via midi controller knobs. I usage return in my marshall combo amp and put it every the way up. I typically plug another cable in the marshall"s input. For some reason the power amp native the amp dont work-related if no cable is plugged. Therefore i just plug one there and also the volume goes every the way up. To add i obtained a monitor v my left line the end to PA which i deserve to have part idea of mine sound indigenous the mix. Im alongside a drummer and my loudness is fantastic. Likewise a church guitarist here.
marcosarracino85 i have tested side by next my real Ts9 and bias fx ts9 and also they sound the same, so ns guess it wouldn"t be a wirld of difference!

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