Watch live channels, on-demand programming, and access additional attributes on her TV. And if you get an TV directly from her provider, you can access content ideal out of the box, v a couple of easy steps.

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On her TV, go to Settings.Choose customers andAccounts, then pick TV Provider.SelectyourTV provider.You can also scroll under to pick a TV provider indigenous a different country or region. Then selectSign In.Select the email that you usage for her TV provider account. If it isn"t listed, choose Enter new and get in your account information.*Enter her password, then select Sign In.

Signing in through your TV provider enables you toaccess apps using your provider,so friend don’t need to sign in to every channel’s app.

*If friend don’t understand your account email or password, contact your TV provider.

If her TV is associated to your TV providers" net service, theymight automatically sign girlfriend in to accessibility their content.

Your provider might also offer one appin the application Storewith extra features like on-demand and live television. You could be triggered to download the app when you authorize in, or you might need come download it separately.The application might additionally be available for your iPhone or iPad.

Signing in v your TV providerrequires one TV 4K or to apologize TV HD.

If you receive an apologize TV from her pay TVor cable provider, then her TV might immediately sign in to your providerright the end of the box. Here"s what you must do to acquire started:

During setup, you could need to connect your apologize TV to your cable provider"s Internet organization to automatically sign in. Check with your provider for an ext information. If you"re not instantly signed in, climate you"ll be triggered to select your provider and also sign in with your account. This allows you access your subscription contents on to apologize TV.

After you set up your TV, you can discover your provider"s application on the home screen. You might need come download the application from theApp Store.You can additionally watch content from your provider in the TV app.

Store availability and features can vary by country or region. See what girlfriend canbuyin your country or region.


Find every one of your favourite in the TV app

Watchyour favourite shows and movies, browse her provider"s content, tune in come a live game, and discover something new — every in one place.


Just ask and Siri delivers

Siri takes the occupational out of the town hall TV, detect apps, and more. Simply ask for movies, TV shows, or apps, and Siri finds them for you.


Download games and apps

Use the app Store to discover apps that turn your life room right into a fitness studio, let friend shop from her couch, and also get gamings that you will do it love.


Stream to her TV

Use AirPlay come stream videos, photos, presentations, or the entire display of your iOS device or Mac to her TV.

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If your cableprovider likewise offers net service, you might need to affix to your residence Internet network to accessibility some of her subscription content. Your content can not be easily accessible on other networks.