You just developed an awesome video or display recording and you desire to share that via e-mail with your girlfriend or colleague. As soon as you connect the document and fight send, her e-mail mechanism doesn’t permit you come send the video, or you receive an angry phone contact complaining that you have filled up your friend’s inbox.

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Video documents can range from 10 MB for a one-minute video, come a hundreds MB or more for a much longer video, making lock too huge to connect to one e-mail.

Before 2004, you had two choices to share a huge video file—copy the document to an USB flash drive and also pass that to your colleague, or use a sharing service like YouSendIt.

Today, we have actually many more options to compress and also send a large video via e-mail. In this blog post, ns will define 6 easy ways to compress video files:

1. Produce a zip file.

The many common means to compress a video clip is to transform it right into a zip file. The document will be decreased in size, and also the quality won’t it is in affected. Back this is a fast and easy way to compress a video, friend won’t notification a huge change in document size. This attribute is accessible for both Windows and also Mac users:

Right-click ~ above the video file:Windows users, choose “Send come > Compressed (zipped) folder”

Figure 1: creating a zip record in Windows

Mac users, select “Compress name

Figure 2: producing a zip paper for windows users

The record will instantly be compressed.

2. Make a video much shorter and smaller sized with iMovie on Mac.

Most Mac tools now come through iMovie, the totally free movie modifying tool native Apple. With iMovie, you have the right to shorten your video clip and just send a component of it, obviously to decrease the size of the file. Additionally, iMovie includes a function that prepares your record for e-mail which help compress it because that sending:

Open iMovie and also click on the arrow in the height left of the food selection bar.

Figure 3: open iMovie to make your video clip smaller

Choose the document you desire to import on her computer and also click ~ above “My Movie”.Select the section of the video you want to use and click “+” (Add the ar to the movie).

Figure 4: choose a section of the video clip in iMovie

To export, click “File > re-superstructure > Email” and choose “Small” to decrease the paper size.

Figure 5: re-superstructure your file by email in iMovie

The smaller paper will currently open in a blank e-mail, ready to send.

3. Download a video clip in a lower quality.

To download a video clip from the internet in a reduced quality, and therefore a smaller file size, monitor this straightforward procedure for Windows and also Mac:

Open “Download Video” and also click ~ above the setups wheel on the peak right.Select the preferred quality: “Low, Normal, High, or Max”, and also then click “Done”.

Figure 6_ Different attributes in Download video clip from Toolbox

Copy and paste the connect to her video document into the device (various video clip sharing site links are supported, including Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and more).

Figure 7: Download a video with the tool Download video clip in Toolbox

The video clip will download quickly. You deserve to download a complete playlist, or many videos with simply one click:


Figure 8_Download a complete playlist

Downloading a file in a low quality compared to high quality have the right to have a huge impact top top the video clip size:


Figure 9: Download a video clip in a low or high quality

Download a cost-free trial of Toolbox and try “Download Video”, in addition to 30+ basic to use tools, every in one an easy interface.

4. Usage a cloud service.

Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, and others are cloud services that allow you come share big video records easily. They every work an ext or much less the exact same way, by an initial registering an account then downloading the desktop client, or accessing the company online. Climate you have the right to upload the video record and re-superstructure the generated link by e-mail through your partner or friend.

 5. Share a video clip link without uploading. access has a feature, “Share a file” which enables you to share big video records in just a few clicks, without needing a cloud organization or uploading the file to her Mac or PC. You simply generate a attach to your video and send it to your contacts, with the choice of adding a password and expiration date:

Right-click ~ above the video file that you desire to share and also select “Share > Access”

Figure 10: re-superstructure a record with Access

Add a description and also password (if preferred) and click top top “Share”

Figure 11: Share your video paper by E-mail

A link has been generated that you can share v your contact via e-mail. Lock simply click on the link and also download the video clip before the link expires.

6. Do a GIF.

GIFs are playing an increasingly crucial role, specifically on society media. A GIF is basically a mini video, through no sound, that deserve to be watched in simply a few seconds. Do a short, animated GIF the end of your video clip will certainly decrease the size, and it have the right to be fun to create:

Drop or copy your video clip to the tool.Select the component of the video you desire to make a GIF from, add text, and choose the auto-looping direction.

Figure 12: do a GIF out of her video

Click ~ above the settings wheel to collection the desired size and frame rate per 2nd (fps).

Figure 13: various “Make GIF” settings

Click on “Make GIF” and also in much less than a minute, your GIF is created. You have the right to send that to her friends or partner via e-mail.

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Figure 14_Create her GIF in much less than a minute

How perform you share huge video files? permit us recognize in the comments below, or top top Twitter or Facebook.