Summary: This post will present you different ways to compress video clip for email on PC and also Mac. Through these methods, friend can quickly compress a video file, and also send it via email effortlessly.

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Have you ever before had the endure that every time you"re trying to share a video with rather via email, but always get an error article saying the "the document that you are trying come send exceeds the attachments limit".


Image Board: Error: record too large to Send via Email

File sizes boost as video quality improves, but the maximum dimension of email attachments is still small by comparison. The huge size of video clip files makes it an overwhelming to send them via email since of file-size borders on most email services. How to resolve it?

The finest solution is compressing the video to do it smaller before you connect it in one email.

Attachment dimension Limit for Gmail, Outlook, YahooCompress a video for email via Online video Compressor for pc & MacCreate a Zip document for sending out via EmailCompress a video for email on Mac using iMovieCompress a video for email on computer Using windows Movie Maker

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Attachment size Limit because that Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo

Before us jump into compressing a video for email, let"s have actually a rapid look in ~ the largest document size you have the right to email with the 3 widely-used email providers: Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo.

For Gmail, you can affix a paper with a dimension of as much as 25MB.In, the preferably attachment file you deserve to send in an email is 20MB, while for the Exchange accounts, it limits the document size come 10MB.In Yahoo, you can send a paper up to 25MB as an attachments in one email.

You have the right to see that the max attachment dimension of the email is generally 25MB come 20MB, and also a big video document can conveniently exceed the limit. Therefore, we frequently look for a way to compress a video clip and make it smaller sized for sending via email.

Top Recommended: Online video clip Compressor for computer & Mac

Our top recommended way to compress a video for email is by making use of an online video clip compressor.

An online video compressor can help you shrink the video clip size for sending via email on both MAC and also Windows without download or install any kind of software, so girlfriend can straight reduce the file size online with a couple of steps to save your time.

Frankly, many video clip compressors can be supplied to reduce record size. Among all them, has actually our recommendation, because:

It is super easy to use, and you have the right to compress a video record with, only taking a few clicks.It"s totally free for every users, and you can download the compressed video without a watermark.Never have to worry about privacy and also security due to the fact that we have actually no accessibility to her uploaded video clip files.It supports reducing video clip size in miscellaneous formats, favor MOV, M4V, AVI, WMV, FLV, MKV. If doing the compression, you can collection the export video clip quality, adjust the video clip resolution, and preview the export video size.

Try"s cost-free online video compressor to shrink your video paper size quickly with just three easy steps:

Step 1 go to video clip compressor, drag and drop the video clip to the server or click the "Browse Video" switch to upload your video clip file.


Image Board: Online video Compressor - 1

Step 2 Select video quality and also resolution, and then click on Compress currently button.


Image Board: Online video Compressor - 2

Step 3 After finishing the compressing, the device will download the compressed video automatically in MP4 format.


Image Board: Online video Compressor - 3

Here girlfriend can likewise Make more Edits come your video make the far much more appealing. When you accessibility to the"s online video clip editor, you deserve to use that rich features to level up her video:

Create a Zip paper for sending via Email

Converting the video clip into a zip record might sound choose a really traditional and also old way, yet it additionally the easiest settle for sending out a huge video paper via email. The video file will it is in shrunk in size, and also the quality won"t it is in affected. However, you won"t watch a huge decrease in the record size.

Zip a video is easily accessible for both Windows and Mac users:

Right-click the video clip you desire to convert:

#1 For windows users, select Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder;


Image Board: Zip a video clip - Windows

#2 because that Mac users, select Compress .


Image Board: Zip a video - Mac

Then the record will automatically be compressed and converter into a Zip file.

Compress a video for email on Mac utilizing iMovie

Most Mac gadgets now come through the iMovie app, the totally free movie modifying tool indigenous Apple. Then you have the right to export an email-friendly video paper with iMovie with great ease.

1: launch iMovie on her Mac. Income the video you desire to compress and drag the the timeline.

2: to export the video, click file > re-publishing > Email and choose little to diminish the paper size.


Image Board: Compress a video clip for email on iMovie

3: iMovie will display the estimated document size that the video. If that is 25MB or smaller, simply tap alongside start the compression.

Compress a video for email on computer Using windows Movie Maker

For a home windows user, compressing a video for email is also quite straightforward with Movie Maker. Windows Movie an equipment is a popular and also user-friendly device that allows users come shrink video document size quickly and simply.

1: launch Movie machine on her PC and import the video paper you want to compress, then drag it come the Timeline dashboard of the software.

2: fiddle the video paper with new size setups by clicking document > save Movie file > produce custom setup to open up the settings window.

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Image Board: Compress a video clip for email on home windows Movie Maker

3: climate a brand-new window will certainly pop up, just choose from the predefined settings or manually change the document parameters, according to your own requirements. When you"re happy through the settings, click save for Movie maker to compress the video.

Final Words

That"s all around the methods to compress a video for email, and you can select one to begin compressing a video clip with ease. By the way, our top recommendation can additionally offer you an easy means to make and edit her videos online without any kind of trouble. Just shot it now!