Have you ever before struggled v attaching video clip files to emails or sending them to your friends and also colleagues? friend don’t need to be a pro to alleviate the dimension of her videos, and in this post we’ll present you 5 tried and tested waysthat you deserve to use to compress her videos for free.

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You can directly jump come the an approach that you uncover the easiest, or you deserve to read follow me to an initial understand every the determinants that’ll influence your video document size. Let’s obtain started.

Factors influence Video paper SizeMethod 1: minimize resolutionMethod 2: Download the file in reduced qualityMethod 3: Compress right into zip fileMethod 4: Send as a link instead the uploadingMethod 5: Trim the video

Factors Affecting video Sizes


Resolution refers to the variety of pixels in your video. The usually stood for as a horizontal x upright measurement. For instance 1080p or indigenous HD resolution is referred to as 1920 x 1080. If you want to shrink her video record size because that email, you have the right to just adjust your video clip resolution. High resolution videos have better pixel density, and also therefore far better quality. However,this also way higher document sizes. By pass the resolution a notch lower, you deserve to reduce the document size substantially without affecting the top quality of the video clip drastically. Once reducing video record size for email, you have the right to compress your videos come a 720p 0r a 480p. However if you space uploading your video to Google Driveor any type of other cloud service, you have the right to go through the 1080p or higher resolution!

Bitrates & FPS

Another necessary factor in deciding video size happens to be the bitrate. Bitrates measure just how much info is transmitted every 2nd in Mbps or Kbps. Video bitrate counts on the frames per second that are coded into a video. FPS or frames per 2nd refer come the frequency in ~ which independent quiet images show up on the screen per second. Because that example, if your video is 24 FPS, it means there space 24 pictures in 1 2nd of footage to develop an man material.

Higher structure rates will cause slightly larger videos. 24-30 is the standard framework rate the is used across files of different sizes. Higher frame prices exist as well, but it’s advisable to usage the typical (24-30) once compressing videos for emails or social media. You have the right to reduce the FPSand bitrate while calculation a videoin order to do the record size smaller. You can even adjust the FPS as soon as compressing your video clip on ShotCutin bespeak to acquire a smaller file size.

Usually, the smarter to usage a change bitrate so that your video clip can be regarded in greater or lower resolutions by the viewers, particularly if you are uploading it come YouTube or any kind of cloud share service. Examine out exactly how to set a variable bitrate while downloading and install your video clip here.


Video encoding converts a given video clip input right into a digital format that is compatible through most varieties of internet players and mobile devices. In the most straightforward sense the the term, video clip encoding is compressing video files so that they room not conserved as separation, personal, instance images yet as a fluid video. Video clip encoding utilizes 2 various parts – the codec and the container. Listed below are some basics around codecs and also how castle compress files.

The codec refers to the code supplied to compress or fiddle the video (MPEG, ProRes), etc.The container here refers come the paper type the the video is sent come or conserved as (MP4, FLV, etc.).Several types of video codecs exist including MPEG4, Quicktime, ProRes, or WMV. This codecs compress data instantly when a record is conserved as a details format or record container (such as AVI or MP4).Most the these do “lossy” compression – definition they remove some data to make the video smaller (thus affecting its quality).We also have “lossless” codecs the are stated to compress videos through minimum lose of data and quality.

When it involves compressing videos for email or social media, making use of the MP4 style is the many recommended. You can directly pick this layout while calculation your video or even convert your video clip to MP4 if trimmingit in order to reduce the paper size.

Now the we know the science, let’s examine out the various methods to compress your video files for email or society media.

Method 1: minimize Resolution

Usually speaking, higher the resolution, cheater the video quality. Inversely, reduced the video clip resolution, smaller sized your record size. I beg your pardon is why this is one of the most efficient ways to compress a video. Typically speaking, HD videos space 1920 x 1080 pixels. If she wondering just how to compress a video for email or because that sharing online, you can compress your video to 1280 x 720por 854 x 480p. Likewise note the making a video smaller – the is going down from 1080p to 720p will not do a large difference to the viewer. In fact, girlfriend can even go down to 640 x 360pif needed. If your video is heavy on graphics and also animation, it is recipient to no go listed below 480p. Below are some usual tools you deserve to use to reduce video clip resolution:

How come compress video using VLC

1. Download VLC Playerif you carry out not currently have it. Once downloaded, install and also open the VLC player.

2. Click Media > Convert/Save


3. Click add to select your video document (or lot of files)


4. Click Convert/Save to lug up a perform of counter options. Friend can pick your preferred type in the profile dropdown


5. Pick your conversion choice (the software program offers valuable suggestions such as YouTube HD or video for MPEG4 1080p TV/device)

6. Once you’re satisfied through your selections, merely hit Save, select your location location (on your hard drive or cloud storage), and then click Start.

How come compress video via Shotcut

1. Download Shotcut and also install it. When done, open up Shotcutand click Open paper to open up your video


2. Click Export


3. You’ll next see a huge list of compression choices – choose your wanted option


4. You can use the Resolution and also Aspect ratiofields indigenous this display screen to more reduce video size and also proportions (it i will not ~ automatically change your video’s aspect ratio because that you)

5. Click violin video

How to compress video via QuickTime (Especially because that Mac users)

1. Click document to open up to open up your video


2. Click violin As


3. You’ll next acquire a perform of options, yet you’re restricted to simply four: 4k, 1080p, 720p, and also 480. Come compress your file, choose a smaller document format 보다 the original file.


Method 2: Download the record in reduced quality

When you want to re-publishing a video via email, among the most basic things to do is downloading the video document in lower quality, or low resolution. You deserve to do so appropriate from the editing software.

If you’re making use of Adobe Premiere pro to modify your video, here’s a tutorialto help you number out how to reduce document size right prior to render/ export.

If you’re making use of Final reduced Proto edit your video, here’s a tutorialto aid you figure out exactly how to reduce paper size right before render/ export.

There room a few key pointers you deserve to keep in mental while act this:

Exporting at 720p or 1080p resolution will work for many people. But mostly, export at a an ideal resolution for your job – depending on the viewer’s display screen (again a 720p or a 1080p are an excellent resolutions for most screens).Adding a many movement or also transitions will cause your video file to be larger.As stated before, higher frame rates will reason slightly larger videos. This is why that is smart to use the structure rate that is ideal for her project. The standard structure rate the is used throughout files of different sizes is 24-30fps. Higher frame rates exist as well, yet it’s recipient to use the conventional (24-30) once compressing videos too.

Method 3: Compress into a .zip file

One of the many used and quick methods to alleviate video file size because that emails is come .zip it! This ensures the the document size is decreased while the quality mostly remains the same. Plenty of have observed that the record size is not reduced significantly. Nevertheless, this is among the most effective methods to share a video file, especially an unified with method 4 the we’ll talk around shortly.

How come zip a paper on Windows

1. Right click on the video clip file.

2. Select Send to>Compressed>Zipped Folder


3. Follow the steps and also the record will gain compressed

How to .zip a paper for Mac?

1. Right click on the video file.

2. Choose>Compress (file name)


3. Monitor the steps and the record will obtain compressed

Method 4: Send together a connect instead that uploading

Despite compressing your record or creating a .zip folder, friend will uncover that some video files can still it is in too heavy to connect to emails. Here are two workarounds the you can use to be able to send your video files via emails. If you desire to alleviate your video paper size and also share the without shedding quality, a good option obtainable to you is hosting or uploading your video online. Right here are a couple of places whereby you have the right to host your video and share it seamlessly:

1. Among the most efficient ways come send these documents then is come upload them to a cloud service. You simply need to drag and drop your file to Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive.

2. You can likewise upload your compressed record to a record sharing organization like WeTransferor one Android Applike ShareIt.

3. Finally, you can upload your video clip to YouTubeand tag it as ‘unlisted’ or ‘private’ and share the attach with your collaborators.

Method 5: Trim her video

Sometimes, friend may just want to share a tiny clip from your video with collaborators or clients. Possibly you may have a really huge video and you simply need to share a small portion of it via email. In this case, you have the alternative to trim your video. Girlfriend can cut out only the relevant part of your video clip that demands to it is in shared and send it turn off to your collaborators or clients. You deserve to trim your video using built-in editors such asiMovie or QuickTime on your Macbooks or windows Movie an equipment on windows OS. But a much much more convenient way to execute this completely free online via glossesweb.com’s Editor. What’s more, you can upload your trimmed video to society media or share the via email right from the glossesweb.com editor.

How to trim & compress your video using the glossesweb.com complimentary Editor

1. Authorize up and log in to your glossesweb.com account and also go to the glossesweb.com complimentary Editor.


2. Next, choose the empty canvas option and also then click the element ratio your video best fits into. ~ this click on the “Make A Video” button.


3. You will certainly be taken to the glossesweb.com cost-free editor. When here, you should go come the “Upload media” section and also upload the video you wish to trim.


4. As your video clip finishes uploading, you will instantly see the video clip trimmer video pop up. Girlfriend will notification your full video in the timeline.


5. Next you can just walk ahead and trim your video clip by manually inserting the timings or dragging the start and also end controls.


6. When you are satisfied through your trim, you can click the “Done” button. You will certainly then view the trimmed video on the timeline back on the video clip editor page. Currently you must navigate to the peak right corner of the screen and also click top top the “Download & Share” button and also next, click the “Export” button.


7. On click the “Export” button, your video will begin to render. Girlfriend will view a web page with assorted share and also download alternatives (as displayed in the screenshot). Click the “Download” button to download her trimmed video. Or share that via society media through the countless plugins provided. It is it.

Oh, one more thing. If your file is rendering, you deserve to go and also do some various other work. Because you’ll additionally receive one email notification as well together download option as soon as your glossesweb.com trimmed document is rendered!

Summing up- for this reason these were the 5 means you can use come compress your videos and also reduce her video file size for emails and also social media platforms.

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