GIFs have become an integral component of all our digital conversations - including on facebook where people use lock to reply to comments, or even as your profile picture! If you’re thinking about how to add a GIF to Facebook, you’ve concerned the appropriate place. In this guide, fine tell you:

1. Where can you write-up GIFs ~ above Facebook?2. How to short article a GIF in a talk about Facebook?3. Exactly how to make your on facebook profile picture a GIF?4. How to article a GIF to her Facebook standing or on a Facebook business page?

And if you stick through us till the end, we also share a BONUS on just how to develop custom GIFs for facebook in minutes. So stop dive ideal in.

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(1) Where can you short article GIFs top top Facebook?

- together a standing or a atmosphere (on your very own Facebook wall),- together your profile picture,- together a answer to a comment or simply a comment,- on her Facebook company page,- as your on facebook cover video- or together a on facebook Ad

Tip: save your GIFs to under 1 MB preferably since the smaller the paper size, the less complicated it will be for world to check out the GIF also on slow net connections.


Let"s check out the step-by-step process on how to upload GIFs to on facebook in the following section.

(2) how to write-up a GIF in a comment on Facebook?

Posting a GIF in a talk about Facebook is a an excellent way that engaging with your followers and also connecting through prospects. Here’s exactly how you can short article a GIF together a comment:

Step 1: Login come Facebook and also go come the conversation/ status/ post that you great to comment on. Now go to the “Write a comment” space next to your profile picture.


Step 2: click the GIF symbol from the symbol list top top the right.


Step 3: you will currently see a popular music up with various trending GIFs. Simply kind keywords to uncover relevant GIFs in the find bar and click on the GIF of her choice. You deserve to also type other message in the comment section to go through your GIF. That’s it! her GIF will be posted as a comment.


(3) exactly how to do your on facebook profile picture a GIF?

You cannot directly upload a GIF to your facebook profile picture. Instead, Facebook allows you to collection an man seven-second clip as your profile picture that will keep gaining looped in order to showcasing it as a GIF. Yet Facebook only allows you to carry out so ~ above Facebook"s mobile app. Friend can"t set an animated clip as your profile picture if you space using on facebook on the browser.

You can follow these measures to upload a video as your profile picture:

Step 1: log in in come your facebook account and also tap on her profile picture icon. Friend will currently be taken to your on facebook profile page. Click on the camera symbol next to your profile photograph on your on facebook page.


Step 2: pick either of the 2 video options, i.e. “Take new Profile Video” or “Select profile Video.” The “Take new Profile Video” option will launch your phone camera and prompt you to shoot a short profile video. The “Select profile Video” alternative will take you to your picture gallery whereby you can select a video.


iOS users can choose the “Select Profile snapshot or Video” alternative to choose a video from your photograph gallery.

Note: Your video needs to it is in at the very least 1 second long come be authorized by Facebook.

Disclaimer: If you cannot discover the choice to upload a video clip to your facebook profile picture, the functionality may be unavailable in your location.

Step 3: as soon as you have actually shot your video clip or selected a video from her gallery, you will be able to see a preview on her screen. Come modify your profile video, tap the “Edit” button.


Note: Facebook instantly trims any video clip to a 7 second time limit.

Step 4: There space a couple of ways you can modify your file video.

- Mute the video by tapping the speaker icon- edit your profile video clip by dragging the timeline come trim the or to pick a different part of her video- choose the “Crop” choice to change your video clip so the it fits the circular layout of a facebook profile picture-Finally, insanity the “Thumbnail” alternative to pick a practice thumbnail. In instance the profile video does not instantly play for specific users (depending on your internet and app settings), having actually an impactful revolution thumbnail is best- once you space done with the edits, madness the “Save” button on the height right edge of her screen


Step 5: come upload your profile video for a short period of time, you have the right to make the temporary. To carry out this pick the “Make Temporary"" alternative on the preview page and also choose among the options from the dropdown. Add a subtitle or a blog post to go through your short-lived video


Pro Tip: Uploading short-term videos together your profile snapshot is a great way to promote seasonal offers, discounts or new announcements top top your facebook page.

Step 6: looks good? tap the “Save” switch on the optimal right edge to set your facebook profile picture to an animated video


(4) how to short article a GIF to your Facebook status or top top a Facebook company page?

While you deserve to upload a GIF to your personal page on on facebook from both the cell phone app and also the browser, the service page functions differently. You deserve to share a GIF on your Facebook company page only through the indigenous mobile app and also not with the web browser (website).

So here, us share the step-by-step procedure on exactly how you deserve to upload GIFs to a Facebook service or an individual page (as your standing on her wall) utilizing your phone.

Step 1: open the Facebook app on your phone and also go to your pages. Open up the Facebook page you want to article a GIF in and also tap the “Create a post” button on her screen.


Step 2: girlfriend will now see a write-up page where you have the right to write message in package that states “What’s on your mind?” or “Write miscellaneous here.” include any message you want with your GIF here


Step 3: now scroll down and also select the GIF option


Note: If you space uploading a GIF come your personal Facebook wall surface or status on the desktop computer (browser), you will uncover the GIF alternative from the “more” section (three dots).


Step 4: choose the GIF that your choice from the trending alternatives you see. Or find for a GIF based upon your mood, emotion, or any type of other keyword. Merely tap on the GIF to add it to her post


Step 5: girlfriend will now see a preview of your post. Insanity the “SHARE” alternative on the top right edge of your screen to post it


Step 6: If you space posting come a company page, friend can additionally boost your post at this suggest by tapping on the alternative in the pop-up, to boost engagement ~ above Facebook. If friend don’t want to an increase your post, simply tap the “SHARE” button below to write-up the GIF to your page.


Note: By an increasing your on facebook post, girlfriend are essentially using it together an ad. Come leverage facebook ads for your business, check out this step-by-step overview on mastering facebook ads in 2021.

There room a wide range of GIFs available online, however as a brand or a business, developing your very own custom GIFs goes a long method in raising your engagement and reach! who knows, your GIFs might pave the way for the next Salt Bae! In the following section, uncover out how to produce your own GIFs.


BONUS: develop custom GIFs for on facebook in minutes

With 5 Million GIFs sent out daily on facebook messenger, it’s no wonder that GIFs space a good way to interact with your customers and audiences. Making your own custom GIFs is easier than girlfriend think! Here"s how:

Part 1: create your own scroll avoiding videos for complimentary on

Sign-up because that a cost-free account if friend haven"t already! We have these Facebook advertisement Templates to assist you acquire started top top your very own Facebook videos. If you want to add text and also music come an present video, just start v a empty canvas.

Step 1: select “Blank Canvas” and also make certain you pick the 16:9 (wide) aspect ratio for your facebook videos. Now click “Make a Video.”


You’ll be taken to the editor. Step 2: click ‘Upload Media’ to upload your video clip to the editor.

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Step 3: friend can modify various aspects of the video, readjust the elevator to your brand colours, include stock images, audio and also video, and lots more. Here’s a quick tutorial to discover out just how you can customise your video for free.