Having a glass of alcohol in the evening deserve to be a great way to unwind ~ a lengthy day, but most of the time you i will not ~ be polishing off a whole bottle of alcohol in one sitting. Or you might be to run a restaurant wherein customers stimulate by the glass and also have various bottles that wine open at a time. How do you keep the remaining wine from beginning to turn to vinegar the following day?

Knowing how to reseal and store open wine bottles is not only an important part of to run a proper wine organization at her restaurant yet can additionally be a an excellent tip to use at home. Check out on to learn 5 methods to reseal a wine bottle and store that so that you can keep your wine fresh because that as lengthy as possible.

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Why should You Recork Wine?

Wine needs to be resealed after ~ opening because it will start to oxidize as soon as coming into contact with oxygen. The air opens up up the tannins in the wine and deteriorates the flavor. This is resulted in by bacteria in the air called acetobacter. Although quite harmless to ingest, it transforms wine right into acetic mountain which produce that distinctive vinegar taste. Unfortunately, no issue what friend do, wine will start to turn when exposed to air. However, you have the right to slow the process significantly by minimizing the amount of oxygen the wine come in contact with.

5 means to Reseal a party of Wine

It is very recommended come recork a bottle of alcohol as shortly as you done putting from it. Here are 5 different ways the you can plug up the opened of your wine bottle to keep that air out as lot as possible.

1) Cork


If friend still have the original cork ~ above hand, be sure to inspect it for damages before inserting it into the bottle. When opening a bottle of wine, the spindle of the opener have to not go all the means through the cork, or else an airway can type in the cork, enabling oxygen into the bottle.

Place the party on a sturdy surface.Angle the cork for this reason one end is in the bottle and the other is relaxing on the lip.Simultaneously twist and also press under on the cork.Push the cork in about halfway right into the bottle.

2) Wax Paper

The cork will broaden when you eliminate it native the opening of a bottle, making the tricky come recork the wine. If the cork is struggling to get ago into the opened or is contempt damaged, wax document can help reduce the friction and also prevent cork piece from falling in the bottle.

Cut a piece of wax file that is approximately the same size as the cork so it goes every the method around there is no overlapping.Wrap the paper around one end of the cork.Place the party on a sturdy surface.Place the wrapped finish of the cork directly on the opened of the bottle.Gently push down v a rocking motion, yet do not twist the cork or the paper will wrinkle.Push the cork in around halfway right into the bottle.

3) document Towel

If your cork is completely unusable, you might need a short-lived fix prior to you can discover a replacement. You deserve to momentarily improvise with a item of paper towel, some plastic wrap, and also tape.

Fold a paper of record towel to about 2 customs wide.Tightly role from the shorter ends until the file is completely rolled and resembles a cork.Check the width of the roll with the opened of the bottle to make certain it will fit. The roll have to be slightly wider than the opening. Trim if needed.Tape the ends to certain the shape of the roll.Wrap the entire roll in a item of plastic wrap.Tape the plastic plunder closed.Simultaneously twist and press under on the roll.Push the roll in around halfway into the bottle.Replace the roll through a new cork or rubber cork before storing the bottle.

4) Rubber Stopper


A rubber stopper is a great reusable option for resealing a wine bottle. They are made to fit the opening of a alcohol bottle, and they grip the within of the party to store air from getting in, slowing down the oxidation process. Rubber stoppers also require minimal effort, since you only have to press it down into the party opening. They often tend to it is in a famous option, as they are accessible in a range of colors and also are affordable, for this reason you can purchase some extra stoppers to save on hand.

5)Vacuum Pump

Another method to seal your bottle of wine and also slow under the oxidation process is by using a recycle vacuum pump. This handy tool also uses rubber stoppers; however, the stoppers are distinctive in the they enable for waiting to it is in vacuumed the end of the bottle through the hand-operated pump. The procedure requires minimal effort and also may assist extend the storage time of your party of wine also further.

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How to store an open up Bottle of Wine


After you have actually recorked her wine bottle, you’ll desire to save it in the following way to protect against oxidation as much as possible.

Keep the bottle out that the light. Refrigerate the bottle after opening regardless the the shade of the wine. Chilling the alcohol slows the oxygen molecules.Store the party upright to minimize the surface ar area of wine exposed to oxygen.Avoid dramatic changes in temperature. If you room serving a red wine, set it out half an hour before serving so it can progressively increase in temperature.If you have actually less than half of the bottle remaining, transport the wine to a smaller sized bottle prior to refrigerating. With much less room because that oxygen in a bottle, the oxidation process can take lot longer.

In this conditions, open wine deserve to usually critical for around 3-5 days. It is necessary to keep in mind that sparkling wines and champagnes will certainly behave differently and may require a specific kind of cork to stay fresh or might actually should be stored open in the refrigerator.

Wines the Oxidize Faster

Even if girlfriend cork and store her wine in right conditions, part wines have actually a tendency to oxidizer faster than others. Here are some that are prone to deteriorating more quickly.

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Older wines, especially over 8-10 years old Pinot Noirs Light-colored red wines essential white wines back to Top

The longevity of a alcohol all begins with the proper alcohol storage before the party is even opened. Although there isn’t much that have the right to prevent oxidation entirely, there are means to slow it down so you deserve to enjoy one more glass of delicious wine for at least a few more days.