After both publicly backlash and also legal actions, Google had to improve on the means users can regulate their privacy. Many alternatives were sort of hidden and thus continuous users had actually no idea of what’s stored or just how to delete it. Now, you deserve to quite merely delete Google Assistant history, consisting of all voice queries you’ve made.

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You should probably be conscious by now that Google stores everything. Literally, every also remotely associated task is save on computer in the cloud, including all regulates you offered to your Google Assistant that are recorded. That course, you have the right to simply disable every activity-tracking options, including Assistant, YouTube, internet and, Apps history.
How perform I delete mine Google Assistant history?Delete your Assistant task with voice commandsDelete background in Google Account activity settings

How perform I delete my Google Assistant history?

Google Assistant will, by default, store all your voice commands and also conversations you had actually with it. On every your devices assigned come a specific Google Account.
Google supplies Web task along v your voice (or text) input to boost on the user experience, provide you with on-point personalized results for your queries and more.All that is fine and dandy until you want to delete a certain activity or activity for certain time periods. V that said, check out below and learn just how to delete your Google Assistant history with ease.

Delete your Assistant activity with voice commands

You can delete Google Assistant activity with nothing else however your voice. This is great if you desire to delete your activity for today, for a totality week or the critical conversation you had actually with your assistant.
Delete the latest command or point the Assistant heard by speak “OK, Google, the wasn’t because that you”.To delete the recent conversation to speak “OK, Google, delete my last conversation”.To delete task for the critical week, say “OK, Google, delete this week’s activity”.Delete activity for now or yesterday, say “OK, Google, delete today’s/yesterday’s activity”.

Delete background in Google Account activity settings

Alternatively, if you want to delete a certain activity or simply take a look right into your Activity, you deserve to do therefore in My task menu. You deserve to have a deep understanding into whatever Google Cloud solutions recorded, even play recordings which are, privacy-wise, rather an worry for part people.
Now, here’s just how to accessibility your Google Assistant activity and delete specific conversations or queries:
On your phone, open up Google Assistant and broaden it. You can do so v voice create ( to speak OK, Google or Hey, Google) or v the shortcut.Tap on her Account symbol in the optimal right corner.Then, tap on the 3-dot menu and open My Activity.Once there, find the activity you desire to delete, tap top top the 3-dot menu and also delete it.
If you desire to delete everything, simply tap top top the 3-dot menu next to the search your activity bar and select Delete activity by. When there, tap all time and confirm when prompted.

How to disable web & application activity

If you want to prevent Google indigenous recording and storing her Google Assistant queries, you can do therefore by disabling web & application activity. This deserve to be done within the activity controls menu. Do have in mind that this might influence the responsiveness and overall experience of Google Assistant.
Like in the previous step, navigate come My Activity.Once there, tap on the Change setting under the Web & application Activity.Here, you have the right to disable Web & app activity (Chrome, apps, and also devices history). Alternatively, you can just uncheck the Include voice and also audio recordings if you don’t want Google to save your voice in the cloud.
That need to do it. Thank you for reading and we hope you are happy with the explanation. In instance you have any type of questions or suggestions, carry out us a favor and also share them through us in the comments ar below.
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