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Although the many enthusiastic and committed home baristas and coffee lovers can shudder and wince in ~ the very thought of using pod coffee systems, couple of can refuse the convenience that making your morning cup that joe through a Keurig coffee do machine.

Indeed, these well-known brewers are frequently a kitchen staple, prized for their capacity to keep up with your coffee habit quickly. No, the cups of coffee they create aren’t together flavorful as those made from, say, a pour-over or French press, however if every you’re after ~ is getting a decent cup quickly, castle can’t it is in beat — till it’s time to clean them.

The Keurig cleaning process can be a little bit time-consuming and also tedious, but it isn’t difficult. When that may be true, girlfriend can’t skip it! Descaling your Keurig is the only way to save your cup the coffee tasting great and your an equipment brewing for years come come, and we’re going to help you number out the best way to obtain the task done.

It’s element time…oh no

Keurig’s units room generally an extremely reliable, however one worry afflicts them native time come time: the dreaded prime message. That pesky small alert normally pops up when there’s an problem with the machine’s water reservoir.

You could want to start hurling insults at the an equipment when you see this message, especially when it’s the only thing standing in between you and delicious coffee. But prior to you start throwing a fit, friend should know that this and also most other unavoidable failures result from a absence of an easy maintenance. Yep, we’re looking at you, descaling skippers.

We’ve acquired an article detailing just how you can banish the prime error article here, but the best way to stop such difficulties from arising in the an initial place is to descale your house brewing an equipment regularly.

The Details top top Descaling

Descaling clears limescale, calcium, and also other water minerals the have gathered in your brewer end time, and it’s an essential if you arrangement on continuing to usage your Keurig to curb her coffee cravings in document time.

Limescale buildup is the scourge of countless kitchen appliances, including kettles, irons, and coffee machines, and also mineral accumulation can leave your brew tasting unpleasant prior to eventually bring about the an equipment to fail. And unfortunately, this things deserve to occur even if you just use filtered, fresh water in her brewer.

How often should you descale her Keurig?

Ideally, you’ll go through your descaling regime every two to 3 months, an ext if your machine is used really frequently. If friend live in one area with difficult water, you’ll have to descale your Keurig more regularly, together your insanity water contains much more limescale.

It have the right to be difficult to remember when it’s time to gain cleaning, i m sorry is why numerous Keurig coffee brewers have actually an automatically descaling reminder developed into them. If her unit doesn’t have this function, though, make a keep in mind on her calendar so friend don’t forget!

Descaling solution vs. Vinegar

Two cleaning agents have proven effective in removing mineral and also scale buildup from Keurig coffee machines: Keurig’s branded descaling solution and vinegar. And also when we say vinegar, us specifically median white vinegar; store your malt vinegar for her French fries and the balsamic or apologize cider vinegar for your salad.


Let’s look at the house remedy, the white vinegar option, first.

While this is the cheaper option, it’s additionally worth noting the if you ever before need to usage Keurig’s vouch to solve a trouble with your machine, the agency might no be as well happy that you’ve been relying on vinegar rather than the brand’s specially formulated descaling product to store your maker at optimal performance.

What You’ll Need:

Dish soapWhite vinegarClean waterClean, dry cloths

What come Do:

Turn turn off the machine. Far better still, unplug the appliance native the wall socket. (We care around your health and safety here at Roasty).Remove the coffee maker reservoir and its lid. Take off the mug stand and also the K-Cup holder. If your device has a removable drip tray, eliminate that too.Wash all the piece you’ve removed in dish soap and also warm water. Then, wipe the components dry with a clean, non-abrasive cloth.Wipe down the rest of the machine’s surfaces through a clean, wet cloth. Remember to clean the area about the pod holder, too, together a tiny amount of gunk and spilled coffee grounds deserve to accumulate here. Now, you deserve to replace every the removable pieces and plug the an equipment back into the wall.Fill the reservoir halfway through white vinegar and top it off to the to fill line v clean water.Place a mug in position and also start the brew cycle, but don’t insert a K-Cup. Repeat this process until the reservoir is empty, dumping the contents out after every cycle. Circulating vinegar and also hot water v the device breaks under any built up limescale and also mineral deposits.Once every the vinegar and water mixture has cycled v the machine, fill the reservoir v water, fight the brew button again, and repeat the process. Rinsing v water keeps your joe indigenous tasting prefer vinegar. Now, her Keurig is all set to brew a cup that coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or everything else friend love come make v your machine!

How execute I obtain the vinegar taste the end of my Keurig after clean it?

If a water-only cleaning cycle doesn’t quite carry out the trick in removing the vinegar taste from her machine, operation a reservoir complete of water and also a tablespoon the baking soda through the brewer, then give your machine at the very least a 30-minute rest prior to trying to make coffee.

Descaling v Keurig’s Solution

The procedure for descaling her brewer v Keurig’s equipment pretty much adheres to the same simple steps together above, other than you’ll substitute the vinegar for the descaling solution. Consult her machine’s instruction hands-on or the direction on the solution’s party to see exactly how much of the product you have to pour right into the reservoir.

You have the right to use Keurig’s descaling product with automatic machines, manual machines, pod and also K-Cup machines, and also commercial brewers, too.

Reviews from various other coffee aficionados explain you acquire a exceptional flavored coffee if you usage this stuff rather of vinegar, for this reason if you want to brew coffee the tastes together fresh and delicious together possible, this is more than likely your ideal bet.

Answering your Keurig clean Questions

Do you need to clean your Keurig if over there is currently a water filter?

Yes, you and also your Keurig coffee maker still have to undergo the descaling procedure even if there is already a water filter.

Many Keurig coffee machines have integrated water filters, yet these don’t excuse you from constant cleanings through some sort of descaling agent. In fact, they include an extra step to your Keurig maintain routine, together these water filters should be replaced every two months (though this can vary depending upon how regularly you usage your brewer).

Can I put my Keurig parts in the dishwasher?

You’ll need to consult the user manual that came through your coffee machine to view which parts, if any, the your specific brewer are dishwasher-safe. In general, the water reservoir, drip tray, and K-Cup holder deserve to survive a low-temperature cycle on the top rack the the appliance.

If the water is too hot, though, there’s a possibility of the plastic contents melting, for this reason if girlfriend don’t want to take the risk, just use warm, soapy water and a washcloth to scrub each component of the coffee an equipment by hand. Generally, we recommend hand-washing all components of her Keurig; it’s the best method to make sure nothing’s left behind in any of your brewer’s hard-to-reach places.

What wake up if you don’t descale your Keurig?

It could be tempting come skip out on descaling your Keurig yet trust us, acquisition a few extra minute to make certain everything’s clean is worth it. Descaling assures your an equipment will consistently give you the best-tasting coffee possible, together it keeps calcium deposits from structure up and also clogging her machine. The much more calcium and other water minerals build up in her machine, the less effectively your Keurig will run, and also pretty soon, you’ll need to invest in a brand new brewer.

To placed it plainly: descaling her Keurig prolongs that life and also spares you from having to experience through cups of off-tasting coffee.

Is Keurig descaling systems toxic?

While the cleaning systems is safe sufficient for usage in her beloved single-serve coffee maker, it can be harmful if it’s swallowed, inhaled, or makes contact with your skin. However, symptoms and reactions might be delayed, so your best bet is come seek clinical advice best away if any kind of of these points happen. Usage it just for its to plan purpose and also follow the accuse carefully, though, and you have to be fine.

The Bottom Line

In summary, every brewer descaling solution has actually its own collection of pros and cons; it’s as much as you to decision which is finest for you.

White vinegar is more than likely your finest bet if you desire something cheap and readily obtainable in a pinch. However, the long-term effectiveness of this method isn’t rather as impressive.

Keurig’s descaling solution is much more expensive 보다 vinegar. But, because it’s formulated by and also for Keurig, you deserve to trust the it will keep your device running reliably if you usage it at the encourage every two to 3 months.

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Though the process is pretty much the very same whether you use white vinegar or Keurig’s solution, we’d recommend utilizing Keurig’s product over vinegar. Sure, it’s a little an ext expensive to buy, however if it helps you enjoy a better coffee flavor, us think it’s precious the investment. Plus, your maker won’t fail because of the Prime error message, and also your vouch will remain valid in the unlikely event of a trouble down the road.