So you gave your ex your iPhone for about an hour and also he jailbroke it and also put spyware on it? Or does her ex recognize your ID and also password?

Currently if her iPhone is not jailbroken over there is no spyware you deserve to put on an iPhone. If you think he to know the passcode o your iPhone readjust it (use 6 digits). And change the password on your ID to something very daunting to break.

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Okay, then placed your iphone in DFU mode:

Then attach it to her computer and also restore it together a new device: restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch native a backup - to apologize Support

Put a 6 number passcode ~ above it that he would certainly not know.

Change her i would password utilizing your computer and use a solid one.

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Did she suggestion help you? I have an ex it is spying on mine phone all the time and also I don’t understand what to do. Ns haven’t jail damaged my phone but I’m sure she did that while i was resting too.

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In most countries spying on your ex is illegal. Report your ex come local legislation enforcement, call them her story and give your machine for forensic evaluation so they deserve to collect all evidence.

I’m not a her but yes, DFU mode totally removes the OS (jailbroken or not) native the iPhone and when you gain back it (don’t do so from your backup) sets the up as a clean brand-new device.

Keep in psychic while you were resting your ex would certainly need around 45 minutes to one hour to jailbreak your iPhone. Prior to doing the actions I pointed out do a spotlight find on her iPhone for words Cydia. If girlfriend don’t uncover it you are more than likely no jailbroken and you don’t have any kind of spyware. But to be sure take the actions I recommended, including the solid 6 digit passcode and changing your to apologize ID and also any other passwords.

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Feb 21, 2020 2:30 afternoon

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Would u recommend I manufacturing facility reset my an equipment and regain my data indigenous backup? i don’t see anything concerned cydia on my phone

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Feb 21, 2020 2:33 afternoon

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If you use the procedures I detailed above the will factory restore it, more so that erasing all contents. Due to the fact that you don’t find anything related to cydia on your iPhone girlfriend are most likely safe to use your backup but the also way you aren’t jailbroken and also there is no spyware on girlfriend iPhone. But if her ex knows her i would password they deserve to use the to see iMessages and also mail.

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Feb 21, 2020 2:40 afternoon

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In addition to the over reset-and-reload info, disable any unknown or undesirable folks noted in the find My tracking.

Also readjust your email server passwords, and also absolutely verify her recovery questions are not recognized to her ex, as these space all paths to wrest control of her ID. Society media passwords, too. Also permit two-factor authentication on your ID(s), and also on any kind of other an essential accounts friend have, and have her ID reliable telephone number and also fallback number collection appropriately. Preferably collection to a call number not known and also not obtainable to her ex, if her ex is persistent around these shenanigans. I’d probably reset and check for and also update the firmware for the network router, if her ex is technically inclined. Wi-Fi password, too.

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As for others and suggestions of calling the police, that have the right to be somewhere about hazardous, to futile. Examine with the local shelter or victim’s civil liberties folks for other alternatives and suggestions. If you have actually the spending plan for it, chat through a lawyer.