Pandora is a popular jewellery brand and many the us have actually a collection of jewellery, from ring to necklaces to bracelets, through a variety of charms to match them. They are fun and also pretty, however have many tiny parts which deserve to be fiddly to clean. Read on to find step-by-step travel guide for how come clean your Pandora bracelet. Following these Pandora care instructions is a an excellent way to ensure the you know how come clean a Pandora bracelet and charms without damaging them.

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Make certain you always remove every traces the cleaning products using clean water and also dry them thoroughly to prevent damage to her Pandora jewellery.

You will need:

FoilA bowlTongsClean, soft clothPolishing cloth1 cup cook water1 tbsp baking soda1 tbsp white salt ½ cup white vinegarAdvertisement


How to clean a Pandora bracelet with baking soda

Did you recognize you deserve to clean your Pandora jewellery utilizing baking soda? just follow these straightforward instructions to obtain the an approach down.

Line a bowl v foil and include baking soda and also salt

Line your bowl with foil and include baking soda and also salt come the bowl.

Add the vinegar

Slowly include the vinegar; that should begin to fizz.

Mix and then include boiling water

Mix till the baking soda and also salt are completely dissolved and add the boil water.

Use tongs to ar the Pandora jewellery into the bowl and also leave come soak

Gently ar your Pandora jewellery right into the bowl making use of the tongs, and also leave it come soak for fifty percent an hour.

Remove and clean

Remove your jewellery and wrap the in the clean, soft cloth to dry.

Buff the jewellery

Use the polishing fabric to buff the jewellery.

Repeat if necessary

Repeat the process if require be. If your Pandora jewellery is an especially stained, leave it to soak for a small longer than 30 minutes.

How to clean a Pandora bracelet: toothpaste as a jewellery cleaner

You can likewise clean her Pandora bracelet and charms through toothpaste. Take it a look in ~ this technique with only five steps.

Add toothpaste come a toothbrush

Put a tiny amount that toothpaste onto the toothbrush.

Rub over the jewelllery

Rub the toothpaste over your Pandora jewellery, taking specific care in tarnished areas.

Leave because that a couple of minutes

Leave it come soak because that a couple of minutes.

Wash the toothpaste off with water

Use clean, level water to wash the toothpaste off. Take care to remove all traces that toothpaste as it is abrasive.

Do not use this technique if her charms have gemstones together it can damage them.

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Tips for caring for your Pandora products in between cleans

Now friend know how to clean a Pandora bracelet, keep it in an excellent condition v these 2 tips:

Avoid making use of perfume, skin creams, and also other products in the areas where you wear your Pandora jewellery together this can tarnish it.

Always take it off your Pandora bracelet, necklace or ring before cleaning, showering or swimming.

Use a tarnish-proof pouch or box to protect your jewellery as soon as it is no being worn.

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With our methods for how to clean a pandora bracelet, you"ll be earlier to spring your most charming in no time. Currently you know how come clean pandora arm bands at home, check out ours other articles such as how to clean silver and how to clean and sterilise earrings to buff up the remainder of her jewellery collection.

Originally published 9 November 2020

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