Make your tarnished silver and dull jewelry shine like brand-new after a cleaning v these trusted typical household items.

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A paste of cornstarch and water will make silver- look brand-new again. Use with a damp cloth, let dry, then obstacle off with something mildly abrasive, like cheesecloth or a unstable towel. Tip: You deserve to substitute cream of tartar if you’re out of cornstarch. Here are some much more ingenious family uses for cornstarch.

Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer not just fights germs, but it provides a good method for how to polishing silver. Squirt a couple of drops ~ above a soft cloth and also rub far the tarnish. This is why hand sanitizer could not it is in as reliable on your hands as you think the is.

Lemon-lime soda

Recapture shine by dunking her silver items in a key of lemon-lime soda because that one hour. Rinse and also dry thoroughly. This might actually it is in a much better way to usage soda 보다 drinking it—here’s why.


Squeeze a small amount that toothpaste top top a rag and also polish her silver. Climate rinse—and see just how it shines!

Toothpaste have the right to solve every sorts of household difficulties that have actually nothing to execute with teeth. Discover out how.

Window cleaner

Here’s how to polish silver if you’re cleaning your windows—kill 2 chores through one stone. Spray home window cleaner ~ above a rag or toothbrush, and use the to gently scrub her sterling silver. You should have the ability to restore her silver come its original shiny state.

You won’t believe these crazy stories from civilization who wash windows for a living.

Hair conditioner

If you desire to prevent tarnish, try rubbing conditioner ~ above clean silver. Conditioner can also clean lots of other points besides silverware (and hair)—check them out here.


Silverware will remain shiny if you save a few pieces of chalk in the drawer or chest whereby you save it. The chalk absorbs moisture, staying clear of your nice tools from tarnishing.


Brighten silver trinkets through soaking them for 10 minute in a systems of one cup heat water and 1/2 cup clear ammonia. Gently wipe clean and dry.


Here’s just how to polish silver through vinegar, which you might not understand is an exceptionally versatile clean tool. Return luster and also shine to your silverware and jewelry by soaking that in 1/2 cup white vinegar combined with 2 tablespoons the baking soda for two to 3 hours. Wash under cold water, and also dry thoroughly.

Lemon juice and salt

Your silver will certainly sparkle after soaking overnight in a mixture that 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, 1 1/2 cup water, and also 1/2 cup of prompt dry milk.

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You’ll never guess the reason you have to be keeping a lemon on your bedside table.