Instead the “How to Clean the tops of Greasy Kitchen Cabinets”, this write-up really have to be referred to as “The horror That Lies Above” because that’s precisely what was ns found. You see, this is one area that ns don’t clean ~ above a constant schedule. I think i mentally put it off due to the fact that I know just how icky it gets. All the dust that’s blended in with cooking grease = sticky gross gunk. The only reason I also made it up over there was since of one more project the I’ve been functioning on that ns hope to be sharing this weekend.

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Here’s a sneak peek…


I to be planning on sharing this task on the blog today, however the dirty cabinets tops prevented me from doing that. Now, if you’re faint of heart, conveniently grossed out, squeamish, or pass out easily…don’t scroll down.

I’m offering you same warning!

Are you ready for the horror? 

*Cue the fear music* right here it comes….


EEEEeeeewwwwww!!!!! so GROSS, right?!

I was so mortified, the I immediately sent my hubby to the keep to bring me some hefty duty grease cleaner and went to work. I likewise tested a natural way to clean this greasy gunk turn off using just vinegar and also baking soda, which to be something I’ve watched done on Pinterest. Here’s what i did.

How come Clean The tops Of Greasy Kitchen Cabinets

Supplies (chemical way):

SECRET guideline – old credit/store map or putty knife – this renders cleaning for this reason quick and easy!paper towelsFantastik Scrubbing Bubbles hefty Duty All objective Cleaner or her chosen heavy duty cleaner

Supplies (natural way):

old credit/store cardvinegar in a spray bottlebaking sodapaper towels

Chemical Cleaning

For the chemical way of cleaning, I provided Fantastik’s Scrubbing Bubbles hefty Duty All objective Cleaner. I am no sponsored, no one was ns compensated because that this post. This is simply what the hubby lugged home native the store and what i used.


Don’t faint. Generously spray the tops of the cabinets through your chosen hefty duty cleaner. Let it sit for a few minutes.Get some record towels and an old credit transaction card/store card or anything with a sturdy directly edge. Start to scrape turn off the sticky greasy gunk. Usage the record towel come wipe off the gunk native the card. Proceed to carry out this till the entire top the the cabinet is clean. *Tip- making use of a plastic card makes it for this reason much easier to scrape off the gunk. Much quicker than trying to wipe it up.*Spray once more and offer the cabinets a final wipe down.To prevent having greasy gunk build-up, cut and also lay some kind of paper on the tops of the cabinets (wax paper, wrapping paper, cut cereal boxes, etc…)

 It’s no pretty, however it will aid prevent greasy develop up top top the cabinets. Just readjust out the paper when needed.

Natural Cleaning

After utilizing a chemical hefty duty cleaner, i wondered if just using vinegar and also baking soda would be able to cut through the sticky greasy gunk. So, ns poured some vinegar onto the peak of one of the cabinets and sprinkled part baking soda ~ above top. It automatically began to fizz and I might see few of the greasy begin to appear in the bubbles.

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Generously spray vinegar top top the room tops. Sprinkle baking soda top top top. Permit this sit because that a couple of minutes. *Tip – do not to water vinegar top top the peak of the cabinet. Ns did this and also some of the vinegar seeped down into my cabinet and also made a little mess. Usage a spray bottle to spray the vinegar onto her cabinet tops.*Get some paper towels and also an old credit card/store map or anything through a solid straight edge. Begin to scrape off the difficult greasy gunk. Use the document towel come wipe off the gunk from the card. Proceed to perform this until the entire top the the room is clean.Wipe down again with right vinegar until all the grit from the baking soda is gone.To prevent having greasy gunk build-up, cut and also lay some form of paper on the top of the cabinets (wax paper, pack paper, cut grain boxes, etc…)

UPDATE: I’ve had actually a lot of people asking me which an approach I prefer better, the herbal or chemical way. Both methods clean off the grime very well utilizing the plastic map to scrape that off. Therefore really, the is approximately you which method you use. The just real distinction is that the baking soda way does need wiping down the room a little more to remove the gritty baking soda.

Glad you made it this much without fainting