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Silver accessories space a staple in every jewelry box. Yet, many world often make the huge mistake the neglecting your sterling silver- necklaces, earrings, rings, and also pendants.

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If not cared for properly, even high-end sterling silver jewelry can show up a small discolored or dirty over time.

This occurs once oxygen or sulfur makes contact with silver, which can tarnish its luster.

To ensure your jewelry continues to watch as great as new, learn an ext about the ideal ways to care for her Sterling Silver. 


Understand the Different types of Sterling Silver


You must know the different varieties of sterling silver to care for the jewel effectively.

The metal"s purity will identify how quickly the silver will certainly tarnish.

For example, .950 sterling silver will bend through ease and also tarnish at a faster rate 보다 .925. The raised purity method you will need to take greater care of .950.

*99.9% the sterling silver jewelry is .925 Sterling Silver. 

It"s not uncommon for some silver jewelry to go with an intended oxidizing process. This intentional darkening of an accessory to make it stand out a tiny is quite usual with Balinese Silversmiths.

Unfortunately, excessive cleaning and also polishing can an outcome in a lose of detail. Because that this reason, we recommend placing oxidized jewelry in a different area for cleaning.

Preventative jewelry Care


You"re probably acquainted with the term "prevention is better than cure". Well, this is certainly true once it concerns sterling silver jewelry.

Aside from buying sterling silver from a reputable silver jeweler, below are the finest ways to protect against your sterling silver pieces from tarnishing...

Wear the Items


One of the finest ways to avoid sterling silver jewelry native tarnishing is by attract it.

Your skin"s oils deserve to actually aid to store the jewel clean and maintain the brilliance.

Avoid Corrosion


There are specific substances and chemicals that can reason sterling silver to corrode.

You must keep the jewelry away from:

Household chemicalsChlorinated waterRubberSubstances containing sulfur (latex, wool, eggs, mustard, etc.)Direct sunlightHairsprayLotionsPerfumes

So, prevent wearing jewelry when performing family members chores. It"s additionally important to placed jewelry ~ above last, so it doesn"t come into contact with beauty commodities or perfume.



Polishing is a good way come spruce up sterling silver fashion jewelry the hasn"t tarnished also much. It"s also a helpful way to clean oxidized silver, too.

We recommend utilizing a one-of-a-kind silver fabric to polish the accessories. If you don"t have one, usage a microfiber or non-abrasive cloth.

Never usage tissues or paper towels to clean the items, as they can potentially scratch the silver.

The ideal polishing method is to use earlier and forth movements that mirror the silver"s grain.

You can think rubbing in circles is the ideal method, yet this will just highlight any type of scratches.

Has sprucing up not worked? not to worry, here"s how to clean sterling silver- at home...

How to Clean Sterling silver- with home Cleaning Solutions


Polishing occasionally isn"t sufficient to clean your sterling silver.

If you desire to know just how to clean sterling silver- at home, you"ll be glad to know there space many options to try.

Soap and also Water

Soap and warm water is a classic cleaning method, and also it have the right to breathe new life right into your sterling silver.

Combine warmth water v a gentle ammonia, such as phosphate-free dishwashing soap.

This need to be your an initial port of call if sprucing up doesn"t work. Shot this prior to you move onto the following sterling silver cleaning tips.

Baking Soda and also Water

If soap doesn"t work, combine water with baking soda to do a paste. Girlfriend should use a pea-sized amount of the paste to a clean fabric to polish the silver.

If you have stamped, etched or in-depth jewelry, we indicate adding an ext water to do a diluent paste. Girlfriend should additionally use a soft-bristled toothbrush come reach any type of crevices.

Once done, run the item under warm water before drying it v a clean cloth. It might soon watch as good as new.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil

Lemon juice is known for its clean properties.

If you desire to know just how to clean sterling silver, lemon juice and also olive oil could be the finest option for her item.

All you have to do is mix 1/2 cup the lemon juice with only a tsp. That olive oil in a huge bowl.

Dip a small microfiber cloth into the cleaning solution prior to wringing it out. You deserve to then polish the silver, rinse that under warm water and also dry it through a clean cloth.

Baking Soda and also White Vinegar

If baking soda doesn"t occupational with warmth water, you can always shot it v white vinegar, instead.

It"s a gentle way to remove heavy tarnishing. Soak the tarnished jewel in a solution of 1/2 cup white vinegar and 2 tbsp. Of baking soda.

You have to soak the item in the equipment for between two to three hours.

Don"t be surprised if the equipment fizzes!

Baking Soda, cook Water, Salt, and Aluminium Foil

If the above didn"t work, create a chemical equipment from baking soda, salt, cook water, and foil.

Grab some aluminum foil to line the kitchen sink or glass roasting pan. The dull side of the foil need to be put down.

The following step is to location the jewel onto the foil and also pour boil water end the items until covered. You need to then include 2 tbsp. Each of salt and also baking soda.

Stir the solution to for sure the baking soda disappear in the mix, as granules might scratch the metal.

The equipment will cause any type of tarnish to be moved to the aluminum foil. It might only take between 5 come 10 minute to see a large difference in her jewelry.

Drain the solution using a colander and also rinse the jewel in warm water, prior to drying through a clean cloth.

We have to warn you, the solution deserve to smell a little like rotten eggs, yet it can have your silver feather as great as new.

A professional Cleaning Service

You will want your jewelry to last for a lengthy time to come. If girlfriend don"t have time come clean them, or they room too tarnished, take it them come a expert silver cleaner.

Also, avoid cleaning old, an useful pieces yourself, and also hire professional cleaning services.

In Conclusion...

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Buying unique silver jewelry indigenous a trusted jewelry firm and taking care of it appropriately will give you a lifetime of enjoyment from your piece. As with anything, a little bit of initiative goes a lengthy way!


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