Do you have a tarnished sterling silver item that you space hoping to clean, however don’t want to use any type of harsh chemicals? If so, you are in luck, together there are numerous safe and also natural methods to clean sterling silver, numerous of which involve items that you already have in her home.

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Cleaning Sterling Silver with Corn Starch

A fast search of your pantry could find friend a good solution to clean her sterling silver. A mixture that cornstarch and also water in the form of a paste have the right to make her silver look like brand-new again. Use the paste with a wet cloth, climate let it dry and rub that off with a mildly abrasive towel. If friend don’t take place to have any cornstarch at home, cream of tartar might be a perfect substitute.


If her sterling silver jewelry or silverware has lost that shine and luster, shot soaking it in a systems of ½ cup of white vinegar and 2 tablespoons that baking soda. Allow it come sit for two or three hours, and then eliminate it and also rinse v cold water. Make certain you dry turn off your item thoroughly in stimulate to protect against tarnishing.


Lemon Juice

If you want your silver to sparkle, a mixture the one tablespoon lemon juice with1 ½ cup of water and ½ cup of immediate dry milk deserve to be a good option. The end an outcome will it is in silver pieces that shine, all without the usage of chemicals or store bought solutions. Not just is it a an excellent option for silver jewelry, yet the lemon solution can additionally be beneficial for rusty knives and also other silver- pieces.


Tomato-Based Paste

Tomato-based pastes like ketchup space a good way to help restore her silver pieces ago to their former glory. Use a small bowl and fill the up v ketchup, and also then dunk in her silver piece of jewelry. To scrub the piece, usage a toothbrush, together this can assist to clean the locations that are hard to reach. You must only leaving the ketchup on because that a couple of minutes, and then usage water to rinse it. A microfiber fabric is a great option for the last polish.

Baking Soda

Sterling silver will react v moisture in bespeak to create a great of tarnish. Baking soda that is caused by warm water deserve to dislodge this tarnish once aluminum is present, leaving her jewelry shiny and clean once again. To try out this option, boil enough water the your sterling silver- piece deserve to be completely submerged, and also then add in a tablespoon the baking soda in addition to a sheet of aluminum foil. Usage a plastic or lumber utensil to relocate the item about so the all surface will contact the aluminum. Finally, rinse and also wipe under the item of jewelry, and also you should be left with a beautiful piece.

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If you have sterling silver jewelry or antiques, girlfriend don’t need to go out and buy an high value sterling silver- cleaner. By utilizing some common and also natural family items, you can obtain the look the you want without spending a fortune.