Cleaning your Stove peak

Spray her stove top with glass cleaner and wipe for a quick clean. For tougher stains:

Make baking soda dough (three components baking soda, one component water)Apply baking soda dough to your oven top.Wait around two hours.Spray vinegar onto your cooktop top.Wipe her stove top clean.Dry off your stove top.

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Is your range top acquiring grimy, yet you’ve just never discovered the time to clean it? It may seem choose a difficult chore, but it’s not.


It’s crucial to clean her stove peak every one to two weeks, depending upon how often you cook. The will help make your food preparation experience smooth. Also, a clean stove optimal is a great step toward developing an inviting kitchen. You’ll do a strong first impression through all her guests.

Check the end this post to learn how to clean your stainless steel cooktop top. We comment on several strategies, indigenous wiping turn off easy-to-remove grime come eliminating hard grease and also other daunting stains.


What friend Need

A couple of towelsBaking soda dough (3 components baking soda, 1 component water)Spray bottleVinegar

1. Make baking soda paste.

Mix three parts baking soda with one part water. To clean her stove, you probably need only one to 2 cups, depending on the size of your oven top. In this case, simply include water and mix it v the baking soda until you’ve obtained a special paste.

Baking soda through itself functions well too, however the paste will stick much better to the surface ar of your stainless steel range top, permitting it to breakdown tough stains an ext effectively.

Purchase baking soda native Amazon here.

2. Apply baking soda paste to your cooktop top.

Use a wall surface paintbrush native Amazon to apply the paste to your range top. Leave the holes in your stove top where gas escapes uncovered to ensure the you store the inside of your oven in great condition throughout the clean process.

3. Wait about two hours.

The baking soda demands some time to set before friend can proceed with the cleaning process.

4. Spray vinegar ~ above your cooktop top.

This will cause a sizzling reaction and the hard grease and dirt on her stove top will continue to break down. Spray your whole stove top and let the baking soda and vinegar react. You deserve to buy part vinegar below on Amazon.

5. Wipe her stove top clean.

After your baking soda paste and vinegar mixture has done that job, cleaning her stove must be as basic as wiping it off through a towel. If your stains i will not ~ break down, you can simply repeat this process.

If you don’t have actually the time for that, spray it v a multipurpose cleaner or kitchen degreaser. Inspect out our favorite 8 kitchen degreasers here!

6. Dried off her stove optimal with a clean towel.

How come Clean Grease off a cooktop Top

Make a baking soda and hydrogen peroxide paste v three parts baking soda and also one part hydrogen peroxide. Usage a sponge or scrub brush and scrub the cooktop until the grease division down. Then, wipe the oven off through a dry towel.

If you will do like, you deserve to dip the bath towel in part vinegar and wipe that after you’ve applied the paste. This will offer your range a quite shine and ensure that every one of your baking soda residue is removed.

This write-up describes utilizing a baking soda and water paste, but hydrogen peroxide will malfunction the tougher stains much more effectively.

Clean grease off her stove peak in just 10 minutes v this simple method, shown in the video clip below.

What you Need

Bottle the hydrogen peroxideBaking sodaSponge or scrub brushA pair of kitchen towels

1. Make hydrogen peroxide and baking soda paste.

Use three parts baking soda and also one component hydrogen peroxide to make this paste. Girlfriend can also just eyeball this; pour some baking soda right into a bowl and also then to water in the hydrogen peroxide and also mix. When making this mixture, aim for a thick dough that you deserve to spread over your stove top.

2. Apply the dough to her sponge or brush and scrub it.

In the video, this strategy is used. However, friend can additionally sprinkle baking soda onto her stove, let it sit because that one to two hours, and then pour the hydrogen peroxide ~ above the baking soda to failure the grease.

3. Dip a dry towel in part vinegar and wipe the stove.

Once the hydrogen peroxide has actually done its job, you desire to make certain that every one of the overabundance baking soda is cleaned from her stove. Vinegar will leave your range clean and shiny.

How to Clean Grease off Gas cooktop Top

The above method can be provided to effectively clean grease off her gas cooktop top. The key thing to keep in mind with gas stoves is come make sure you cover the burners with a plastic bag. You nothing want any type of cleaning systems or water to loss inside her stove.

Also, most gas stoves will additionally have cooktop grates. These, choose your stove, may accumulate grease. You can either soak those in her sink using heat water and soap or toss them in your oven and also run a self-clean.

What is the best an approach to clean stainless steel?

The most necessary thing to understand when cleaning stainless steel is the direction of the grain. Every stainless steel has a grain, either horizontal or vertical. If you look very closely at the appliance, friend should be able to tell the direction the the grain.

If not, wipe a dry towel end the top of the stainless steel and when you’re versus the grain, you’ll feeling a small bit the resistance. Once you space not, the motion will be an extremely smooth.

How to remove Scorch Marks native Stainless Steel

Some scorch marks deserve to be straightforward to remove, while rather are an extremely stubborn. Because that the straightforward to remove marks, glass cleaner will carry out the trick. However if you must apply much more pressure and really scrub the appliance, vinegar functions great.

Just dip a fabric in vinegar or spray the appliance through vinegar and then scrub away. Make sure that girlfriend scrub in line through the grain; otherwise girlfriend may damage the stainless stole finish.

How to Clean Stainless Steel cooktop Knobs

Stainless steel oven knobs are easily removable; for a thoroughly clean, take it them off and soak lock in warm soapy water for a few minutes. Then, dry them through a towel and reattach lock to your stove.

If you simply want to wipe the outside, warm water and soap again will certainly work, or any kind of non-abrasive family members cleaner.

Does baking soda damage stainless steel?

Baking soda go not damage stainless steel. In fact, it’s one of the greatest recommended cleaners that stainless steel, in addition to vinegar.

Does vinegar damages stainless steel?

No. Vinegar is non-abrasive and is effective at attacking difficult stains on any stainless stole appliance.

What is the best cleaner because that stainless steel?

It counts on what you must clean. Glass cleaner is great for surface-level cleaning, if vinegar and also baking soda or ammonia will be more effective to breakdown tough grease and also dirt.

There’s likewise several cleaners made particularly for stainless steel. Below is a well-known one indigenous Amazon, where you deserve to browse numerous others too. Countless of these cleaners will certainly clean and polish her appliance in one step and also keep the smelling fresh.

What should you not use on stainless steel?

BleachChemicals the contain bleach, such together Soft ScrubChemicals that have gritSteel wool, pads, or brushes

Do record towels scrape stainless steel?

Paper towels space mildly abrasive and also may scrape stainless steel. Instead, usage a microfiber cloth, or one do of likewise soft material.

What causes discoloration top top stainless steel?

Abrasive chemicals such as bleach may cause discoloration on your stainless steel appliances. Also, if the end up is boil to over 450 degrees, it may become damaged.

Can you usage Clorox wipes ~ above stainless steel?

Yes. They can successfully remove surface-level dirt and grime from her stainless steel appliances.

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Buy your Clorox wipes top top Amazon to obtain your cleaning started!

Can I usage Windex on my stainless stole appliances?

Yes. Windex is just one of the quickest methods to clean her stainless steel. Just spray and wipe and also you’re done. Buy her Windex native Amazon here.

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