This is a very basic and rapid cleaning tip but it’s additionally one that is typically overlooked. How often do girlfriend clean your range knobs? I understand that I always forget to do it because when I notice how dirty they room I’m typically making dinner, climate we room eating dinner… and also then I’ve long forgotten the the knobs were dirty. Sound familiar?

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But currently that I’ve got you thinking around it walk look at them. Traction them every the method off and I gambling you’ll find something the looks favor this:




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Pretty gun right? Don’t concern it’s simple fix; her oven and knobs will certainly be sparkly clean in much less than 5 minutes!

Here’s what you will certainly need:

1. Spray bottle filled with white vinegar (or a white vinegar/water mix if girlfriend prefer)2. Sponge3. Bowl

Here’s what come do:

1. Start by putting all the knobs in a bowl and also fill it with white vinegar. Leave them to sit while friend clean the oven.

2. Next spray the stove with white vinegar and also let it collection for about 30 seconds. Few of it will certainly drip to the oven top however that’s okay.

3. Take it the sponge and wipe under the cooktop making certain to acquire all the grime that is stuck to the surface. If your cooktop has years of grime crusted to it and the grease isn’t completely coming off v the white vinegar then sprinkle a tiny baking soda onto your sponge. The baking soda will reduced through the grease and it will certainly wipe appropriate off.

4. Next drain the vinegar the the knobs room soaking in and scrub castle clean too. I choose to let mine knobs dry because that at least a few hours since I’m paranoid that a little water might mess increase the stove. When they space dry change them top top the stove and you’ll be amazed at how clean and new your oven looks!