A Brief background of Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding was introduced in the United says in the 1940’s and also quickly ended up being a desired low-maintenance alternative to the lumber clapboard siding that had been prevalently used on dwellings up to the time. The services of aluminum siding were that it to be lightweight, relatively easy come install, and since the paint end up was baked-on the maintain costs linked with it were low.

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It to be a popular an option among homeowners till the 1970’s as soon as the manufacturing prices had significantly increased and vinyl siding had proven chin to be the future the low-cost, low-maintenance options. So, for any type of of the folks who very own a residence built between the 40’s and also the 70’s over there is a very good chance that your house is clad with an aluminum exterior.

Although Aluminum Siding Is A Low-Maintenance building Material, that Doesn’t typical That the No-Maintenance.

The negative news is, as many people have found out, there space some problems that are innate with this form of product. Very first of all, the coating that is small on the surface to include color to the siding has the same worries that cheap latex paints have – that chalks and also fades like crazy.

So what carry out you do when it’s time come freshen increase the exterior of your home? What about painting aluminum siding? deserve to you repaint it or carry out you need to replace it v new?

The an excellent news is that, as soon as properly prepared, paint sticks very well to aluminum siding. And painting your house is much cheaper 보다 replacing her siding.

The Process

Now, there room some necessary things that have to be done in ready for using the paint so nothing skimp top top the prepare work.

Clean - You first have come remove any kind of chalking and/or mildew native the surface ar so the the new coating can properly adhere. Friend can examine for a chalky surface ar by just running your

hand throughout the surface of the siding and taking a look at your palm. If your hand is chalky then you need to remove the chalk prior to you paint.

This deserve to be done by making use of an aluminum siding cleaning product that can be purchased at many home advancement stores in addition to a scrub brush or abrasive sponge and some good old fashioned elbow grease. This cleaning assets are specially make to remove the layer of chalk indigenous the surface of the siding clapboards.

If girlfriend can’t uncover aluminum siding cleaner you can constantly purchase part TSP (trisodium phosphate) at any home facility or hardware store. Mix a small amount the TSP – per the accuse on package – through a gallon the water. Usually around a cup every gallon will carry out the trick. If you also have mildew on the surface ar of the siding add a cup of chlorine bleach v your TSP/water mixture to remove it in ~ the exact same time she removing the chalk.

*Tip* friend can significantly speed increase this cleaning procedure by renting a pressure washer from her local devices rental store. Most pressure washers come through either a chemistry injector siphon hose the you have the right to dip into your cleaner bucket that will use the cleaner while you wash the house, or a reservoir the you to water the cleaner right into that will certainly mix it v the water that is being provided to wash the house.After you’re done washing the siding through the cleaner, make sure you execute a final rinse through water only to remove any chemical residue.

Check out this video link native This Old home that demonstrates the cleaning process.

Dry - Let the siding dry completely. You must not be able to feel any type of moisture as soon as you operation your hand across the surface. Nor must you view much, if any, chalk on her hand.

Scrape & Sand - If the repaint on the siding is baked-on indigenous the factory then you shouldn’t need to worry around any skin paint. Yet if the coating you’re painting over is no the original coating make certain you scrape any loosened or peeling areas, and also feather her edges with some fine grit sandpaper. Clean the affected areas of any kind of dust together described above and enable to dry.

Paint - Apply the complete coatings. Most high-quality paints will use directly over aluminum siding without the need for a primer, yet make certain you review the manufacturer’s recommendations on the can prior to you seize one turn off the shelf. Then use two coats the a 100% Acrylic Latex repaint by whichever application method you prefer.

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See our Color aid page for aid in picking your colors.

Stand back and admire the results of your work. And rest easy learning that it will look an excellent for countless years come come!

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